- Chapter Six -


When they finally reached the dock, the four of them dipped the T-Shirts into the icy water.

"Remember the plan?" Sam asked.

Mary shrugged. Peter nodded yes. Sam looked at each of them with a grim face.

"Let's do this." He said.

Mary, Peter, and Sam wlked in a silent single file line into the lobby. Peter departed to the kitchen, and Mary and Sam carefully sat on the green couch, their T-Shirts were against their backs.

Peter had crawled into the largest cabinet with his T-Shirt next to him. He was breathing heavy, and adrenline rushed through his body. He listened carefully, and heard the muffled voices of Mary & Sam.

"Sam! Bailey is alive! She is!" Mary insisted in a louder voice then needed.

Sam shook his head sadly and yelled at her, "Bailey is dead Mary!" Mary glared at Sam's word choice. Although Mary had lived with this for a while, it still hurt her to hear of Bailey's death.

"Bailey is alive! She is my very best friend, and Bailey is---" Mary was cut of by a soft voice; "Here."

Mary looked at the dark and gloomy hallway. She saw a small figure standing. She saw only that, nothing more.

"Mary?" the soft voice whispered.

Mary hopped off the couch and squinted her eyes.

"Bailey?" she whispered, her voice cracking slightly.

Mary saw movement from the figure. The figure stepped into the light. Mary heard Sam gasp behind her. Mary ran up to Bailey. Bailey, frail and weak stepped away from Mary. She held her hand up to Mary's face.

"S-stop." she commanded, her voice was very weary.

Mary halted, and few feet away from Bailey. Mary had started crying because she was so happy to see her friend. She stopped crying the instant she had halted. Dry tears irritated her cheek. She looked at her friend with a completely shocked expression.

Bailey's stare on Mary had hardened. Mary looked at Bailey. She tried to soften Bailey's now grey, empty eyes which her colder then the ocean right outside the island.

"Stay where you are, Mary." Bailey practicly spit on Mary's name.

Sam stood up slowly, and walked onto the dock. No one paid any attention to him. Mary backed away from Bailey, and sat down on the couch.

Bailey sat down on the recliner, without taking her eyes off Mary. "Bailey," whispered Mary pleadingly.

Bailey glared at Mary, and said quietly, "you abandoned me, Mary."

Mary shook her head violently, and protested "I did not! Me and Sam went back for you! I got a good slash on my arm for you!"

Bailey snorted.

"I see you've met, then." cackled Synthia in the doorway to the dock.

Sam turned around suddenly, glaring at Synthia, who was less than a foot away. Mary kept staring at her beloved friend. Bailey slowly turned her head toward Synthia, she smiled warmly.

"Hello Synthia. How are you tonight?" she asked politely.

Mary's mouth dropped open.

Synthia nodded, "I am fine, and you?"

Bailey's smile widened, "I am alright except for one thing."

Synthia frowned.

Sam watched in shock as the two talked as Mary and Bailey would normaly have talked.

"What would that be?" Synthia continued, ignoring the horrified pair. Bailey looked from Mary, to Sam, and back again.

"Too many people." she replied.

Synthia nodded.

Sam ran up to Bailey preparing to push her down. Bailey merely stuck her hand out and Sam instantly fell when he touched her. He was unconsious.

"Bailey?!" yelled Mary in shock, jumping up, "How could you? Why? Synthia is evil Bailey! And now, you are, too!"

Bailey was clearly taken aback with Mary's accusation. Synthia glared cruely at Mary. Sam opened one eye, slowly, and looked around as Bailey & Synthia inched closer and closer to Mary who remained still.

Sam slowly stood up as Synthia & Bailey began to chant loudly, "We are good. You must go. We are good. You are bad. We are good. You must go."

They closed their eyes and chanted in unison.

Mary slowly stood and crept next to Sam. Together they watched in horror. The pair chanted over and over, not seeming to remember their prisoners.

Mary and Sam began to inch slowly away from them. The got to the door, and was just about to dash out when suddenly Synthia stopped chanting and struck Sam with her Electrode. She shocked him many more times.