**NOTE: Please don't take offense in what I write. All are entitled to their own opinion. I am only another human being trying to make a futile attempt at explaining existence. I ask only that you consider my words, and maybe are made slightly better by them.**

Humanity has been asking the wrong questions, and it is killing us. We keep wondering, 'Why are we here"? We really should be doing is accepting that we are here, like all animals, and won't be here much longer if we don't start understanding this. We are the self-proclaimed dominant race of our planet. What we have forgotten in our unbearably stupid arrogance is that we are animals. One may believe this is a harse reference, but that just proves the point. Just because we are intelligent doesn't separate us from animals. We have diluted ourselves into thinking we are created by an Almighty God for some great purpose, and yet we don't know what it is, therefore we constantly ask ourselves "why?". When one is driving down the road and hits a squirrel, does it go to heaven or hell? Is it judged by its actions? No. It dies. It decomposes and is eaten by other creatures, who will soon receive the same fate. Why should we be any different? God is nothing but a celestial manifestation in the minds of humans to try to avoid the fact that we are not significant. We will evolve until we die (most likely wipe ourselves out), and another species will take over. Simply put, there is no Greater Good or Devine Plan. Such things are delusions in our confused minds. Another unforgivable blunder of the human race is our apparently unquenchable desire for the suffering and pain of others. We have created horrible methods of destruction. Biochemical weapons. Nuclear Bombs. Machine Guns. Flamethrowers. Rocket Launchers. Tanks. Missiles. Hydrogen Bombs. The list goes on and on. We have dedicated so much of our evolution to the internal killing of ourselves that we are blinded. We fail to see that all we have made ourselves into is a cancer. We are a self-inflicted disease. We poison the environment and murder our brothers. One of the most important things we need to do is break the chains of sectionalism and devotion only to our country and embrace our human ties. It this territorial nature that is the base factor in our self-inflicted doom. The dinosaurs lasted for millions of years because of their lack of intelligence and no developed technology. They killed to survive. They ate others if that is how they were created. If they were created to eat plants, that is what they did. They did not strive for the unnecessary death of others. There was no patriotism or competition outside of the desire to get food and water; there were no religious extremists. We return once again to religion. Religion is another base cause of our more-than- likely demise. Long ago, our curious and confused ancestors needed some way to explain why what happens on our planet happens. We now have science to provide that information, yet religion continues. There are devastating wars fought over religion. Islamic religious extremists have killed a horribly large number of people in the name of "God". When a man was recently decapitated on film in Iraq, the executioner said, "God is great". How can these men kill in the name of god? The Muslims have brain washed themselves into thinking that a god would want this, even that there is a god at all. Humans have taken the initial need for a god out of proportion. The reality is that THEY want it. There is the problem: How do we change human nature? Is it really human nature? Maybe what we need to think about carefully is where does human nature stop, and excuses begin? We may never know.