I noticed today how the sunrise bounces off the windshield fog like a mediocre giggle
At those sorts of jests that twinkle towards discordant
And earplugs that no one chewed on become instantly necessary
Lest a notorious forty degree below speedometer titter bellows out
And the drying out juggler,
Furthermore, revels
Caught in the act, under-leveled
So he trips up the stairs of the waterproof tower
And somehow,
Withdrawal on baroque
The ascension still maintains the chancellor's position
So you're left to whimper through the lucid confessional
So cordially, he chirps,
Last I checked, you hadn't thought
Aren't you bothering to listen?

I'll tap the suitable switch for you
An italicized endorsement
Watch the third day's successful residue burning on the water
And wish the Lord had told Him yes
In your garden after teatime
Instead a partial pair of jewelry loving guarder nets
Fearsome secret ballet twigs thickened to a point
Dragonflies, my lie
A dewy camp of first class choppers
Perched on the ruddy canoe swiveling nearby
Sniveling, you wished
You'd always averted from impregnation;
Even the jovial of telescope eyes
Can drag a child in
Pretending a delinquent failure love
Stumbled in that day
A peeking enchantment in that luncheon packaged fog of a publicly steamed ice
The Supposed wet His hair
A grimace in the hazel footrace pupil
Or so the contents in the cup appeared
He looked at you the same
For once, you couldn't help but wonder
As to mystery's persona
I was willing Pallas that unruly dawning frost
While you just watched the tiled cotton awning all greening with despair
And that indistinguishable cryptic sphere, so really insignificant
Held alight, a slender slice, Immaculate Conception
All shining in the newborn trees
All transfigured with a blinding
He stroked the sipping tips of those that He befell
A fuzzy little light bulb's
Crystal gilded scare
If this morning weren't so golden,
The leaves would be much cleaner,
Not this scrappy middle segment,
This sandy castle lime
But then again,
At least they're happy to exist
And a cadastral part in Gaia's curl
Split as so, a former charmer
Slithered in between
Sensible, perhaps, yet hemophilic, the pedestrian
Strip majestic of its blue and change the surf to salt
Swamping grimly, trimly hammered finger frames
All dolled up just for you
Don't you like it?
I remember how that porch light was slinking
And the stitching of the peeper baskets you'd been sleeping to all day
Were unweaving themselves to the tune of the yellow
And the overcooked mint-shine cabaret wine
It's fine; I'll drink it anyway
Does dinner really matter?

After all,
The best of human fermentation
Flows strongest through the veins
It helps to pay attention as you trickle that down your chin
You were never fond of that wretched stuff, anyway,
Something looser nearly welcome
A honey-encrusted wallpaper concave curling up with Cassandra
She promised herself to the sun
So you might as well lay yourself, along with that staling springtime child,
Quietly a savor
As the lapsing tales of phantasmal
Breaking capella
The sky on his brow
Now so fully spilt
Backed up densely packing perilous forest lamps
A peaceful backyard dusking dock
Submerged annunciation
Please, I'm sick of playing such monotonous roles

Then again,
You've done all the slaying
All the hiding
All the thinking
It's time the giver tried
And the greying pole that's slipping now from the corner of his eye
As the archer lowers down
The usher sharing a sorry moment with your pristine arithmetic grass
And the last grinning rays of those useless little paintings
I think I forgot how I used to feel
You know, like dry-cleaned multiplication
Accentuated to the point of falling apart
I guess it's what I really wanted
This sanctioned definition of contemporary romance stories,
A myth to the fifth dimension