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Sleet fell over the city. Koumu, age twenty two, walked down the sidewalk with his hands in his pockets and letting the snow fall on his uncovered head. He walked by the crowd of people huddled by a bench next to the street, boarding the city bus. He bumped into a person's umbrella, being so tall and all.

"Sorry," he replied quickly.

Koumu started to walk away until, "Koumu?"

Koumu turned around. The person he had bumped into stood with the umbrella tilted back, revealing her face. Koumu's mouth was slightly agape.


She nodded, smiling. Koumu couldn't believe it.

"I haven't seen you in years…" the words lifted off of his lips slowly and softly.

Rei dropped her umbrella and ran forward, wrapping her arms around him to hug him tightly, never wanting to let go. She looked up at him, her face wet with snow and tears but smiling brightly.

"I've missed you."

"Almost six years without seeing each other." He said.

"Our parents, well, my dad, were sure hell bent on keeping us as far away from each other as possible."

Rei shuddered. "That damn school had preppies swarming everywhere of course but I've made some non-preppy friends."

(A/N: We absolutely hate preppies with a deep and angry passion!!)

Koumu nuzzled her hair. "I'm glad you've managed without me for so long," he kissed the top of her head. "I've missed you too."

The bus pulled away and Koumu looked up. "Oops. Looks like you've missed your bus. Gomen nasai."

Rei shook her head. "No, I wasn't really going anywhere."

Koumu picked up her umbrella and handed it to her.

"Now that we have some free time, wanna go get some coffee?"

Rei grasped his hand. "Are you asking me on a date, Yamazaki Koumu?"

Koumu curled his fingers around her small hand. "What do you think?"

Rei smiled and nodded. "Let's go get that coffee then!"


Rei sipped her latte and stared out the window at all the slush that was forming on the sidewalks and on the streets.

"So," Koumu started, "what brings you back to Tokyo?"

Rei swirled her pinky around the rim of her coffee cup. "After Mom and Dad sent me to that Godforsaken all girls boarding school, and then to an all girls college, you'd think my dad's BEGGING me to become a nun or a lesbian. Which ever comes first but he sure as hell doesn't want me around any boys."

"Lesbian? Well that screws up our relationship."

Rei playfully punched him in the arm. "Shut up will you?"

Koumu munched on a cookie. "Make me."

Rei stole the rest of his cookie from his hand and stuck it in her mouth. "I just did."

Koumu narrowed his eyes and smiled. "So what brings you here?"

"Oh! Yes, well Mom, Dad and Aunt Ritsuko invited me back for Christmas vacation."

Koumu nodded. "Same here. They'll probably keep us as far apart as possible."

Rei agreed. "Yeah, and I got here too early and they aren't expecting me until tomorrow and I really DON'T want to go early."

Koumu smiled. "I have an apartment down the street from here. You can stay there for the time being."

Rei blinked. "But won't it look suspicious if we arrive at the same time?"

Koumu shook his head. "Don't worry about it. I'll leave before you. After all, I would appear earlier than you would."

Rei sighed. "Well…all right."


Rei sat at the window staring at the snow. Koumu was lying down on his futon staring at the ceiling.

"Sorry, I only have one bedroom. Hey. It's usually only me."

"That's all right," Rei said. "doesn't matter anyway. We did much more that sleep in the same futon ^^."

"I guess so…"

Rei hugged her knees. "I really need a shower."

"Over there," said Koumu pointing to the bathroom.

"Arigatou." She got up and walked to the bathroom. She did't bother to close the door. She unbuttoned her shirt, pants and took off everything that was left, and threw them aside. She turned on the water and got in. She grabbed the shampoo and tried to open the bottle.

Rei's wet hands slipped ont eh cap. "C'mon… you damn stupid piece of – GAHHH!!"

She threw the bottle on the floor and flipped it off. Not too long later, she felt hands circling around her breasts. She gasped in surprise.

"Koumu!! What the –"

Koumu smirked. "Nothing but harmless fun…"

His hands "innocently" moved down her hips until Rei smacked his hands.

"Stop that!" she said elbowing him in the ribs. Rei blushed and squeaked. 'He's NAKED!!!' her thoughts screamed.

"Of course I am."

Rei blinked. "Nani?"

"I said, of course I am," he repeated.

Rei turned around and looked up at him. He had gotten taller. He had the same look in his green eyes the night she told him she loved him. He was the same ol' Koumu, except darker and sexier.


His new aura made Rei feel welcomed and comfortable.

Why? She didn't know.





"It didn't work out before." She said sadly.

"Yes it did. It just didn't go over well with our parents."

"My mom didn't care." Said Rei.

"Well…see? Now lets just see if the three of us can change mom and Lyle's decision."

Rei sobbed slightly and wrapped her arms around his back. "Why don't they approve?"

Koumu held her tight. "Hey. It's okay. Your dad just hates me, and my mom…well…she just…okay I don't know what she thinks. She's a mystery. But I'm sure she'll understand."

"My dad doesn't HATE you…he just doesn't…"

"Doesn't what?"


Koumu sighed and picked up the shampoo bottle. He put some in the palm of his hand and started to scrub Rei's hair, piling it on top of her head. Rei closed her eyes and let. Rei twitched slightly when she felt butterfly kisses on her neck and occasional fangs grazing her neck but not enough to break skin.

Rei let a small sigh escape from her throat. 'Almost like old times… but better. Now we're clean.'

She felt Koumu's lips form into a small smile on her neck. "It can still be like old times." Koumu whispered in her ear, then nibbling on her earlobe.

She moaned slightly. "We can't…"

"Why not?" he said in his deep voice. (Ritsuko: Think Alucard from Hellsing! **drools**)

"Your mom…"

"What about her?" He said rubbing her breast with his thumb.

"Your mom will find out." She said groaning.

"No she won't…" he replied.

"She reads minds…"

Koumu grinned. "A trick I picked off of her."

Rei blinked and smiled. "I kinda figured that."

"But she trusts us now."

"but it doesn't mean she won't try, Koumu-koi." She said.

"Rio will tell her not to."

"… I hope so. Let's dry off. I'm getting cold."

Koumu grinned hentai-ishly.

"What?" asked Rei.

"Bedroom?" he asked.

"…" Rei glanced quickly downward and blushed. "After I dry off." 

'YES!' thought Koumu.

"Need help?" he offered.

"Sure." Rei grinned and turned off the shower taps. Rei grabbed a towel and wrung it. She whipped it at Koumu. "Dance, fool."

Koumu yelped and jumped.

Rei wrapped her arms around her body. "Do I turn you on?"

"Hell yeah. But…" He smirked and flicked wet hair from his green eyes, "You've always turned me on."

She handed him the towel. "You said you'd help me dry off. Do it or you will suffer."

Koumu grinned and wrapped the towel around her legs and rubbed from her knees slowly moving up. His free hand snaked up and squeezed her butt. She squealed and pulled him up.

"Oh screw it, let's just do it!"


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