Honor Among Thieves
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It had began on the Twenty-Sixth day of May
And it had happened in the most Twilight Zone-ish way,
For it was on that day that a handsome burgler
Who was going by the name of Big John Bolander
Has decided to rob one last bank before fading away.

And then,after he had put on his ski mask,
He had barged into the bank to start the task
Of robbing it of every red cent,but just as
He was about to do so,a leather jacketed lass
Had also barged into the bank to perform the same task.

"Say,what the hell are you doing?!",asked the female
Bandit,after she had suddenly aimed her shotgun at the male.
"Don't you know that there is such a thing as
Honor among thieves?!Now,you better get your stinking brass
Butt out of here or you are going to fail...!"

But before she was able to say another word,a pair
Of cop cars showed up and trapped the thieving pair
Inside the bank,before demanding that they both surrender immediately.

However,John was able to look around and see
A truly possible way for the stealing pair
To escape the cops and get away with their loot.

First,they've climbed into and slid down the garbage chute
Into a dumpster which was standing next to a wall
Outside the building--and after they've survived the long fall,
They got out of the dumpster and were able to scoot
Away from the scene and leave the cops with egg
On their faces.A few miles away,the woman called Peg
Had suggested that they spend the night at a local motel.

After they had found a place that was no Hell
To stay overnight in,she took off her pants to expose her bare legs.

And after she sat down on the bed,John placed his hand
On one of those legs,which caused Peg to raise her hand
And smack him across the face for touching her leg.

But just as she was about to do so,the duo
Had looked into each other's eyes and suddenly knew
That they had found something they was only found by doves--
And that something was known as true love.

"Hey,Babe.Why don't we split the loot later?Okay?",
Asked John,after he touched her cheek in such a gentle way.

"Okay,that sounds good.",
Answered Peg,before she had kissed the handsome hood
Ever so passionately on the lips.

Then,after Peg had placed his hands on her bare hips,
Both John and the Pam Grier type beauty had stood
Of each other's nude bodies and began to caress and
Fondle each other and enjoy a sexual experience that was so grand,
While everyone else within the motel's very neighborhood
Had kept on doing their normal daily routine.

About a couple of hours later,the scene
Has changed to that of peace,
For Peg was sleeping like a baby after she had
Enjoyed such wonderous erotic pleasure inside that pad
Of a motel room with such peaceful ease.

But when she woke up and found herself handcuffed to
The bed,Peg looked around the room to
Find John,only to discover a note on the pillow
Next to her which said,'Peg--You won't believe how low
Someone would go to
In order to have all the loot for his very own.
Well,guess you should've known
By now that there is no such thing as honor
Among thieves.So,if you'll excuse me,another commitment of honor
Awaits me in Chicago,my kind of town.
Oh,and look at it this way:
At least,we'll have each other and that one speical day.
--Your one-time lover,
Big John Bolander.'

And with that,she had became so angry
Right up to a certain degree--
And she just couldn't wait to get her
Wrists free,go find Big John Bolander
And start choking him to death with such glee.