Ok, I've been getting a lot of e-mails regarding pronunciation issues! Before you continue, please read this for the correct pronunciation on all of the freaky names in the Uoy sagas! I'll list them off, I will have the correct spelling and then the way it sounds out in parenthesis! Ready? Ok! Here we go!

1. Uoy= (Yoy) Like 'boy, but put a "U" in front of 'boy'

2. San= (Son) As in, I sat ON a table, put an "S" in front of 'on'

3. Shou Lang= (Show Lang)

4. Kithara= (Ki-thar-ra)

5. Urdu= (Yur-doo)

6. Monde= (Mond)

7. Goliath=(Go-lee-ath) It isn't the Biblical 'Goliath', it is pronounced differently

8. Tora= (Tor-ra) Some people asked about this but it is pronounced the way it is spelled/sounds

9. Abdul Sahib= (Ab-dool / Sa-heeb)

That's all I can think of. If you have more questions just e-mail me and I'll clarify your concern! Thanks a bunch for reading! I plan to finish part 10 this summer!

Happy reading!