Oh nobel Knight
Written by Felicia Spencer

AN: Ignore any misspellings. I had to write this on Wordpad, because my
computer had a virus on it.
I had to restore my computer to factory conditions. I lost MS. Word, and I
have to deal with this.(Grrrrr)
Anyways....This poem is derived from watching Shrek 2. So hopefully you
guys/gals like this. R@R.

Ever the highest castle
A knight must climb it's wall
Only the bravest warrior
Is careful enough not to fall

A mighty brute is he
Stronger than an Ox
Muscles rippling everywhere
And cuter than a fox

He'll slay the evil dragon
He'll fight hordes of men
If I were to be caught once more
He'd do it all over again

I wouldn't trade my knight
For a jester, or a king
My protector, my hero
To me he means everything

So off we ride on an horse
into the beautiful sunset
I can't believe this is my fairytale
The best I'll ever get