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Kali pulled into the parking lot carefully as she balanced her phone between her shoulder and her chin. "Yes, that sounds wonderful! I'll see you for lunch tomorrow? Excellent!" She dropped the phone into her lap and snapped it shut as she put her car in park and danced from her car.

Barely making it to her door, she swung it open and jumped into the kitchen, bag and contents spilling from her arms. "Alisa! I got it! They want me!"

"They're promoting you?" Alisa screamed with joy and grabbed Kali's hands, the two dancing in the dimly lit room. Alisa hugged her tightly and pointed toward the ceiling with a glorifying wave, "That, darling, is where you're going to stop…once you hit the top!"

"I need to call Jason!" Kali giggled and scampered toward the phone. "It's all because of him that they're doing this! He showed off the dress I'd made for Genevieve and everyone was lapping it up!" Kali thought back with ever so slight hesitation to the couple's wedding, the astonishingly beautiful Genevieve and the ever adorable Jason.

"Hello?" came a voice on the other end.

"Jason! It's Kali! They want me!" she laughed freely into the receiver.

"Of course they want you!" he laughed as well, clearly happy for her.

"Thank you…I couldn't have done it without you."

Jason paused, as if considering something, and said slowly, "Kali, don't thank me. It wasn't me at all."

"Okay, fine, thank Genevieve for being so gorgeous." She laughed again.

"Kali, I think you'll know soon enough…I have to go."

Kali set the phone and turned to Alisa. "That was weird. He just hung up on me…"

Alisa gave her a small smile and nodded. "Well, it seems that smart people think alike. I have to go too. I've got a hair appointment. I need to touch up these ends."

"What? You're not going to celebrate with me?" Kali shoved Alisa gently and rolled her eyes. "Oh get your stupid hair done. Ignore your friend."

"Fine, maybe I will," Alisa giggled and gave her a tight hug. "I'll see you later."

"Alisa, I was kidding!" but Alisa had already walked out the door and shut it tightly behind her.

Kali sat down and folded her arms on the table before her. About to get up to prepare herself a small treat, she heard a knock. She laughed and shook her head as she walked toward it. "Alisa, I can't believe you locked yourself out. Funny joke!" she opened the door for Alisa, but on the other side, she didn't see her.

Her breath fell from her lips as she stood before him, his icy blue eyes piercing through her and his dark hair falling in his face. Taking a step back, Kali shuddered as she fell for him, her heart thundering as his eye's signaled the lightening. She hadn't seen him in months, the last time ending in painful tears and shattering truth. "Hey…" she whispered, her tongue not working and her mouth dry.

He knelt before her, his eyes always holding hers, and he held out his hand, palm upward. "Kali," he started softly, voice filled with conviction, "I've loved you since I set my eyes on you. I would've given you the world, but given the chance, I gave you my kidney and I gave you a future." He pulled out a small box from his pocket with his other hand and took hers gently. "Kali, please give me the chance…please let me give you my heart." The familiar silver band twinkled at her, the missing diamond not at all missed.

Kali took the ring in her hand as she felt the ice melt from her heart, the coldness replaced with warmth, and she knelt before him, the delicate ring saved and hers once again. She ran her fingers along its newly smoothed edges and she felt the engraving before she saw it. Looking at the inner circle of the ring, it read, I'll never kiss you goodbye.

Bursting into tears she had long since left as forgotten, Kali slipped on the ring and held him tightly, shuddering in his strong hold. "I will…I will…"

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