This is the story of Christopher. A love bird whose mate just recently died.

I sit alone in the dark and dusty cage.
It's not the same without her here.
It was never dark when she was near.
She was my light,
My life.

I never realized how much of a prison this is.
How the black bars seem to be closing in around me.
It's frightening.
All the ugly faces looking in on me.
I was never scared when she was near.
She was my courage,
My life.

The food doesn't even look the same,
Not as appetizing.
I try to eat, but I'm not hungry.
It tastes bland,
Turns to ash in my mouth.
It fills my empty belly,
But only she can fill my now empty heart.
She was every bit a part of me,
My life.

I need her back
I need her here with me
I shriek for her
I yell out her name
That she can hear me.
That she will return to me.
She is my everything,
My life.