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I'm sorry I'm such a burden

I'm sorry I cause you pain

I'm sorry I cannot be the perfect child

I'm sorry that darkness reigns

I'm sorry I can't be the one you want

I'm sorry you don't want to get to know me

I'm sorry that I'm an inconvenience

I'm sorry that I'm not the light that you wanted to see

I'm sorry that I've hurt you

In so many unknown ways

I'm sorry that I only shatter your nights

I'm sorry I darken your days

I'm sorry I cannot carry on

From the crush of a former love

I'm sorry I still walk the earth as a loner

Shunned from the light above

I'm sorry I've brought you such misery

I'm sorry I don't shed joyful tears

I'm sorry I've seemed to disappoint you

During the past 21 years

I'm sorry I'm not perfect

I'm sorry I fake a smile

I'm sorry that I pine for death

While I live to suffer all the while

I'm sorry that my heart is sad

I'm sorry that it hurts

I'm sorry that I've forgotten how to find my way out

From this searing, broken desert

I'm sorry that you've grown to show

The hate that you feel for us inside

I'm sorry that I see the truth

In your eyes when you're trying to hide

I'm sorry that you cannot reach

I'm sorry you feel we're so wrong

I'm sorry that you didn't give us a chance

As we had you all this time along

We find relief by moonlight

Conceal our tears in shame

For only when the night comes to greet us

Can we then be free from pain

I'm sorry that only one can help

That he's our only hope

I'm sorry that I messed things up

And that we just can't cope

I'm sorry that we piss you off

When all we want is love

I'm sorry that when we go to hug

You only scoff and shove

So when the day is said and done

And night has wandered through

Take a good look at me

Really look inside

And then at what is you

For when death comes to tease me

And I accept and leave your side

I hope you look back

And see who I was

As you kneel by my casket and cry

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