O Puppet, Dear Puppet
-Kaira G. Hale

O puppet, dear puppet
Your foolish war ain't done
Both sides you've used have bled for you
Respect you sought ain't won

The soldiers bleed
Iraq ain't freed
The hipies cry for peace

And while your eyes
Are set on oil
The counrty grim and dead

But oh Hark! Hark! Hark!
Oh the bleeding drops you've shed
Why not in the White House,
Do you not drop cold and dead?

O puppet, dear puppet!
Wake up and hear the yells!
Wake up, For you, they want impeached
For you, US is hell
For you, bloodshed and war amuck
For you, the cities rallying
For your blood they lust
The peacful flag
Their angered faces yearning

O puppet, dear fool, arms found not where you said
It is our dream that one day you will drop down cold and dead

This puppet does not answer
And continues his spree to kill
What political thoughts has he?
He has no mind nor will

The war continues to rage unbound
The voyage unclosed and dumb
A mushroom trip
The fool hardy shit
Must have been on

Off to war we went
To protect the world you said
But what you do not realize is
For naught our men have bled

A/N- Baisically my veiw in a nutshell on the current situation in Iraq and
our pathetic excuse for a leader. Based off of Walt Whitman's 'O Captain,
My Captain', which is really good by the way. Go read it now. Yeah, first
timer here. Hope to write more sometime soon!