I'm very sorry.

If you came here looking for The Castle in the Story, I apologize that it's not here. It's now on my website under "Stories."

See, a long time ago, I uploaded this story thinking FP was a place for critiques. I never got any. I only got fans, which was great, but because I was looking for someone to rip my story apart, I didn't edit it as I should have. So when this story was first uploaded, it was pure, raw draft. *cringes*

But people loved it anyway. So, I left it here and moved on to other things. And ignored it, for the most part, though I was always happy when someone wrote and told me they loved what I'd written because there was a lot about this story that I loved, too.

When I finally figured out what the next book in this series was going to be, I looked through it to see if I could leave it here for those who'd loved this version so much...and the formatting was entirely gone in some places. I've tried fixing it, but found it wasn't worth it, given the way FP now is. Considering I'm publishing the edited version this summer, I thought it would be best to put the raw draft version (the one that's been here since 2004!) in a format I can control on my own website.

It's not pretty, but at least it's readable now.

The PDF version on my site is NOT going to be the same as the one that will be available for purchase September, 2016. The version I'm going to sell will be in multiple formats, edited, and with many sub-plots and characters gone as well as a few new scenes.

If you'd like to read the original version of The Castle in the Story, the FictionPress version, the link to my site can be found in my profile, along with instructions on how to get to said story.

Anyway, thank you for reading! If you reviewed, thank you for that as well! And especially, forgive me for the abrupt way this was done. This wasn't how I intended things to be.