I've decided to turn this into a basic pronunciation guide as opposed to a list of all the words and how to pronounce them. I'm only including the letters that I think need to be mentioned. I'll update this if I discover I've forgotten to mention any.

Note: the Elven in this story is my own creation. It's influenced by Tolkien … hopefully not too much to annoy anyone.

Quick Pronunciation Guide to Elven Words

A -- Ah

E -- Eh

I -- Ee (unless it is preceded by DR... see below)

O -- Oh

U -- Oo

C -- pronounced like "s" at the beginning of words.

CH -- pronounced like the "h" at the beginning of "haunukah" (also spelled "chaunukah").

LL -- when preceded by a vowel, it's pronounced with a "y" sound combined with the vowel that comes afterward (Elles Eh-yase).

DR -- "r" is rolled on the tongue. DR changes "I" from "Ee" to "Eh"