A/N: Oh well, some weeks ago I wrote it and yeah I think it's quit good, maybe it reminds some of you of "Fuck it" by Eamon, but it really doesn't influenced me. So have fun! DAMN IT

So today I talked about you

All the things I've put you trough

And what I received

From you

So I guess it wasn't my fault

At all

Cause boy, in the end

It was me who was true

So damn it,

I'm not the bad one

So damn it

Your not mama's poor son

You came along

A little while ago

And hell, you did a great show

Blamed everything on me

Oh yeah, well that's easy

But boy, hope you'll grow up

Cause no one wants to hear

This same old story

So damn it

I know I'm alright

So damn it

I never wanted this fight

So maybe you say

That I have no heart

That I'm cruel and cold

But deep inside

Oh yeah I know, that you know

It's always a game for two

So damn it

I will go on

Yeah damn it

Go and be mama's poor son

Damn it

I will find true love

Yeah damn it

And go to the sky above