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Revenge of the Samurai

Chapter 1

The Slayers


Hibiki Satoshi was only eight years old when his parents were slayed. He and his family lived in a small one room home a little outside Edo. They lived in a small cozy shack with a lantern hanging from the ceiling. In the middle of the room there was a place for a fire and their rice bowls from dinner still layed beside it.

It was about eleven p.m. and Satoshi lay in his small futon in the corner of the room. His sister Akane lay in the futon beside his and then his mother and father. Satoshi lay there but he could not fall asleep, for he was scared. He was in fear because of these group of people that came into their village not that long ago. It was a group of slayers that would go around killing people at will. They especially liked to attack people's homes at night. Not many mornings went by when no one found anybody and their family's dead in their home. Satoshi still didn't know if there was a reason or not, maybe there was. But if there was a reason it would be a terrible reason.

He thought he heard something outside, the sound of light footsteps. Satoshi stuck his head under the blanket covering himself, slightly shaking. This is it; he thought to himself, they've finally picked our home. He was shaking uncontrollable, the hairs on his neck stood up with fright. He didn't want to die, not now.

Then Satoshi peeked his eyes out of the blanket to see if anything was going to happen. As he did so a sword came slashing through the front wall of the house. Satoshi froze with fear, it seemed that the sweat that was trickling down his back just moments ago froze too. That's when the rest of the family suddenly got up.

They saw the slash in wall and ran to the other side of their small home just incase the intruders barged in from that wall.

Satoshi hugged his mother's leg, his white night clothes drenched in sweat. His father's dark eyes glittered in the night as he picked up his wooden sword that was on the ground. His long black hair that was tied up in a low ponytail swished as he stood back up again.

As he did that another sword came slashing through the soft wall. But his time it made a huge swing and made a cut on Akane's shoulder and back. Akane fell to the floor because of the pain and shock. Her black hair sprawled out on the floor and the blood oozing out of the wound dripped on the floor. Her clothes got darker by the second but at least it wasn't a fatal wound.

Satoshi ran over to his sister and kneeled beside her. "Oneechan, are you okay?" he asked her a little shaken.

Akane pushed herself up with her hands and then picked up her knees and stood. Her left hand clasped her right shoulder because of the stinging pain. A little more blood dripped on the floor. "I'm fine."

Satoshi looked back into his sister's dazzling bright green eyes. He loved his sister, she would always take care of him and teach him many things, she was fourteen years of age. He would never want her to get hurt.

"Stop lying!" he screamed, "You're.!" But he never got to finish his sentence. The intruders burst through the soft wall. Satoshi looked at the one that was in front of the group.

The man had an imitating look. He could tell he was Chinese so what was he doing here in Japan? He had deep brown eyes and he had black hair that was short but had a skinny strand of it that went down a little above his knees. He had a blackish- reddish long sleeve shirt that was cuffed at the end. It had a dragon on both sides. He wore black pants and martial art shoes. On his waist there was a katana that was a bit longer then usual.

Satoshi cowered as he looked up at the man, this was the first time he ever saw him. The four other men behind him were also Chinese and dressed in basically the same attire except that their shirts were plain dark blue without any dragons on it.

The front man looked around the small shack and then looked down at Satoshi and smirked at him. Satoshi's whole body started trembling with fear and everybody could see that. Then his mom knelt down beside him and put an arm around him to protect him.

His father then stepped in front of his family bearing his wooden sword. A drop of sweat rolled down his face, he knew a wooden sword was no match for a real one, but he just wanted to protect his family.

Then to quickly for the father to notice, one of the men ran up to him and used the back of his hand that was curled into a fist and hit him across the head with full force. He fell to the floor, the blow was a harsh one and it would be a while before he would be able to get back up again.

The lead man then walked up to Satoshi. He started shaking even harder if that was possible. He could feel his mother's arm wrap around him tighter but it was shaking. All of a sudden the man's hand swooped down and grabbed Satoshi's collar bringing the boy up to his face. The mother had a shocked and scared look on his face when she realized that her son was just taken from her arms. Her sparkling eyes were wide as she looked up at her struggling son.

The man smirked at he boy; he could smell the fear coming off of him. Small tears came up around Satoshi's closed eyes. Then the man threw Satoshi across the room. He went straight through the wall and landed in a small pond that was in back of the house.

Satoshi started struggling violently in the water. He had to get air. he kept on struggling frantically until finally his body made it up to the surface. He pushed his head out of the water and gasped for breath. What he saw in front of him made his bright blue eyes widen in fear.


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