And Revenge of the Samurai

Chapter 9

Satoshi thought this was a little bit strange; a bandit all of a suddenly turned nice? But a feeling inside of Satoshi told him that Tomonori wasn't kidding about this sudden change in emotion and that he was serious. That he wasn't going to turn his back on him. Satoshi didn't know why he had this feeling or what to call it he just did.

"Do you have a place you are staying in the village?" he asked Tomonori.

"No," he replied, "But I'm perfectly fine with staying in the woods."

"Good," Satoshi stated coldly, he couldn't seem to get that tone out of his voice, no matter what he felt. Even with that feeling he still didn't entirely trust the guy. "Because I do not want to trouble the people I am staying with anymore."

Tomonori didn't care, he could see that. "Hey listen," Satoshi said to him, he had begun to walk away, "I don't want you to try anything on this village. Don't even thing of stealing something or getting in a pointless, drunken brawl."

"How many times do I have to tell I can stop being a bandit easily," Tomonori complained, a slight anger in his voice this time. Satoshi decided to stay quiet; he didn't want what seemed his only chance to have company go away.

Tomonori began to walk away again but shot a glare at Satoshi before he did. It was clear he was angry and wanted somebody to actually trust him for once. 'Well maybe you shouldn't have become a bandit then,' Satoshi thought annoyed. 'It's useless to get in a petty argument like this,' he realized, 'It will just ruin everything.'

He decided to just forget about the argument and went back to his room; he didn't feel like doing anything at the moment.

He woke up to the sound of rain. 'Yes, rain,' he thought. He had always liked rain. It wasn't the best to travel in but it comforted him. It was just one of those cozy days where you could just wrap yourself in a blanket and sit on the porch forgetting about the troubles of the world.

Satoshi walked outside the door that led to the outside of the house. There was a raised wooden platform that ran around the house with a cover over it. He stood there and sighed, letting some of the stress out.

He saw Tomonori in the distance, sitting on the stump of the tree with the other tress covering him. It looked like he was enjoying the weather too.

Tomonori perked his head up when he noticed Satoshi. He lazily stood up and walked over to him.

"I'm sorry about yesterday," Satoshi apolotrised. (I killed that word but spellcheck didn't give me the correct one and I don't feel like uploading this chapter again right now. ;)

"don't worry about it,"Tomonori replied simply, "I already forgot about it." A few drops of water dripped off the endsof his hair and damped the clothing on his shoulder.

They both stood under the cover starring at the weather in front of them. Even though they had never said anything about it a simple understanding came between them that this was one of the last peaceful moments they would have for a while. That Satoshi's journey was going to take a huge turn from here and he was close to confronting his prey.

"Well, are you ready to go?" Tomonori asked a few days later. Satoshi had packd most of their supplies on Akane but Tomonori had kept a few personal items of his with him. They were standing outside of the house Satoshi had stayed in, Tomonori waiting for Satoshi to finish packing so they could leave this place.

It was raining that day too, it had not stopped in the last couple of days. They disliked it this time though, since it would be harded to travel in. They both wore straw hats on their heads to protect themselves from it.

"Yep, I'm ready now," Satoshi told him.

"Where exactly are we heading too?" Tomonori asked him for he had no idea in his mind where.

"I'm not sure," Satoshi replied, "wherever we end up I guess. I have no clue where the slayers will be."

"Slayers?" Tomonori questioned. Satoshi had still yet to tell him who he was searching for and why.

"Yes slayers," he replied. He didn't know why he didn't tell Tomonori why he was searching for them, it was a simple reason afterall. It was just like in the other village, he hadn't wanted Mimura-san to know then.

They began their long journey and didn't know when it would end. Satoshi had asked a few villagers how far it was to the next village but nobody knew. They had all said that nobody ever comes to this village and nobody leaves. They were shut offentirely from everybody else and knew nothing of the world around them.

The next few days were uneventful. They would take shifts during sleep for watch and would eat they fill of food. There was plenty of wildlife in the forest.

One night, a few days after they left Satoshi was on watch while Tomonori slept. He was busy making a bow and arrow. It wasn't going to be that high of quality but it would do the job.

He stopped working suddenly when he heard the snap of a trig. His ears were tuned to the sounds of the forest, it didn't sound like an animal.

'Great,' satoshi thought, 'Why does something always have to bother me. Can't I be left alone for a few days.' But it seemed like nothing like that was ever going to happen.

He shook Tomonori awake. He groaned as he got up but fully understood when Satoshi sent him a message with his eyes. Satoshi stood up and grabbed the hilt of his sword, cautious. He tried to peer through the trees but it was to dark and the fire cast weird shadows on them.

"I think I know who it is," Tomonori smirked, almost laughing.

"Tomonori," a cold, drawn out voice said. A large man walked through the barriers of the trees showing himself. One side of his face was dark from the shadows and an evil grin was on his face.

"Hugo," Satoshi muttered to himself. 'Guess I was wrong, it was an animal,' he thought jokingly.

"What's the matter?" Hugo jeered, "You two don't look happy to see me."

"Oh, I wouldn't worry about that Hugo," tomonori said, "I'm plenty happy to see you acting like a complete idiot. Trying to sneek about in the forest but making to much noise when you do since your so big." He smirked at Hugo, trying to get him going. He knew how easy that was.

Hugo gritted his teeth and anger spread through his face. "Why you..."

"What's this?" Tomonori questioned, mockingly surprised, "Now you're the one that doesn't seem very happy." Tomonori was enjoying this. He loved taunting people, especially when it was his old "leader". Now he could just laugh at the man he used to take orders from. Taunting people was one of his favorite pastimes.

Satoshi decided to just keep quiet. This was Tomonori's and Hugo's fight. After all he had walked out on the guy when he was supposed to be his leader; something Satoshi did not what to get in between of. Even though it didn't seem like much of a fight at the moment. Tomonori seemed to be enjoying this miracourisly.

Satoshi looked at his surroundings, the other two guys that were with Hugo had to be somewhere.

"Wondering where the other two are?" Hugo asked him, smiling. This guy had to be bipolar. Satoshi didn't answer and just glared at him.

"Why are you traveling with this puny nothing samurai anyways Tomonori? I was wondering that. Planning on mugging him when he's least expecting it. I wouldn't doubt it, it doesn't look like he'd put up much of a fight."

"How do you explain hat happened earlier in the forest then?" Satoshi asked, slight anger in his voice.

"Just a mistake, just a mistake. A slight mishap you could say," Hugo waved his hand in the air laughing it off.

A surge of anger went through Tomonori when he said this. Saotshi wasn't expecting this kind of reaction.

"I really hate you, you know that," a flame was in Tomonori's eye, "you disgust me. Your so low you can't even admit when your defeated. But then again I guess I can't expect much more then that from somebody like you."

"What's that supposed to mean?!" Hugo yelled angrily. His face flushed red again and he glared down at Tomonori.

"You know what it means perfectly well."

Hugo kept on glaring down at him, the only emotion this guy ever seemed to have was anger.

"You know what, I'm tired of you Hugo," Tomonori said with slight anger in his voice but looked very happy, "I think I'm just going to kill you right now."

Chapter 9 End

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