In my mind, a war goes on inside.
If you knew, you'll want to hide.
The two sides battle for control of my mind.
It's affecting my everyday life, you'll find.
Inside, the good is slowing dying away,
And the evil within is winning the day.

The good just wants to love those around me,
and to make those around me hate free.
My angels within want to be just like Susanita;
To save the world from hate and go the extra metre.

But the darkness is spreading through my soul,
And I'm gradually beginning to lose control.
The evil within wants to hurts those who hurt me
And to batter them until they can no longer see.
I can no longer resist my own dark spirit,
And I won't stop hurting even after I've been hit.

And now, you step up to me, asking for a fight.
And now, you've lit the fire that increases my might.
I cannot be held responsible for your death.
Or the large blood stain that you left.
I'm going to walk away from your dead body,
After all to me, you were just a little nobody.

In my mind, a war goes on inside...