Everyday I hear about other's depression
Everyday they moan about things that get them down
But they will never know what depression means
I hope they will never know the true meaning of depression

Because I know what it means to be down

I hold my emotions inside
I hold all my pain within my soul
Damaging it more and more each passing second

The sadness hurts me
Pains me
Numbs me
Angers me
Kills me

At times
I feel I should end all my pain
With a swift movement of my sword
That hangs on my door
That would just be the easy way out
I have to think of the one I love
And how much sadness she will feel
How many days she will cry for me
How many months she will mourn for me

But it still will be nothing against my pain now.

The pain is so hard to describe
It's like a stake in my heart
Which gets jabbed 6 times a second
It's like pH 1 acid being poured on my chest
And then being drenched in it every millisecond
It's like putting lemon juice on an open wound
But the wound is forever open

But on my face it will never show
You will only ever see the cheerful man
That stands before you now
You will never see my tears
You will never see me being sad

Because I'm so numb now

All I ever feel each millisecond
Is a years worth of pain