My eyes drifted around the room, and they caught you,
And now images of you fill my mind like blood.
You are the most perfect being I will ever come across.
Now my love takes me over like a massive flood.

But what's this?

I found out that you are in love with another
How can this be?
how can you love another that doesn't deserve you?!
You're meant for me!

I'll get my revenge...

Let's go to the local grocery shop,
And a dozen potatoes I'll get.
I'll sign his name on every single one
And throw them to your window 'til you get upset...

But will you ever know it's me?

My love for you burns in my chest.
Every time I throw them, my thoughts go to you.
Will you ever love me the way I love you?
Will you ever love me, and love me true?

Will I ever know?

Just once, I signed my own name
Just to see if you will ever see.
I thought you won't, but you did
'Did you throw all those potatoes?" you asked me.

Years have passed since then...

And I see you again, back in Cuba.
your pretty looks and smile have put me in a trance....
And once, we were in a party
And I said "Come, let us dance!"

But something happened that night...

As we were dancing, you rested your head on me.
I looked down to you, and you looked back up.
We kissed our first kiss, but not our last...
But than you ran out! I had to wonder what was up...

But you said nothing all the way home...

As you go back to England to study, I tell you
"I will wait for you for eternity, my Susanita
I'll wait until you say you love me, and when you do
I'll swim to you in England, every single metre!"

Without you, my life is incomplete now.

Every now and again
I send you a letter, enclosing all my heart.
Each day I wait for your reply, to say something....
And I begin to draw you in all my art....

Now, I wait for the day you're mine.