A crimson river dried on my face
What did I do to show myself pain?
The blackest teardrop dried on this page
Unseeing dark hiding my true face

I'm labeled by my spirit's mark
Hiding from the most lonely star

Crimson eyes behind this mask
My soul is all I ever had
Longing wanting for no price
Unmask the devil's crimson eyes

This smile is not like it appears
Behind my joy you will find fear
Why can't I be living a lie
Then there will be no pain when I die

I'm working as a murderess
Cried my tears; now I want forgiven

Through my eyes committed
My own death has happened
Don't you dare look at the lie
Through crimson eyes, you will die
Silver chains bound on me
This pale mask covering
Don't look at me, you will die
By looking at these crimson eyes
(Chorus 4x)