Oh look at this my wandering friend
Our journey has come to its end
But let us stop to take a rest
Before concluding this fine quest
At the inn by the brook
I recall our meet upon the pass
Where you were lying in the grass
As I was coming round the bend
I saw you there oh my dear friend
So I stopped to look
I ventured to vanquish you right then
And take your money my dear friend
For I'm a thief and you a fool
But then I though it be to cruel
You seemed so serene
And so we got to talking there
You seemed so foolish without a care
And so I asked you accompany me
And said "Together we shall see
All that is to be seen"

And thus we traveled over hill
And through the meadow we traveled still
We conquered foe and took our due
And shared our tales as we ate our stew
And learned much to be learned
And now we've come to this small place
To drink one more and say our piece
To share these tales that we well know
Oh just once more before we go
As the hearth slowly burned
But now its done and we must part
Is this a knife that's in my heart
As I die it seems Im the fool
Alas I've been deceived by you
And here and now I die
After all our lofty trails
And stopping here to tell out tales
You now betray me with a knife
To end this thief's most sorry life
Quiet here I lie
So now I see your face true
A thief disguised as simple fool
But take my share you've earned it well
I'm sure I'll see you soon in hell
You tricky little brood
Oh look at this my wandering friend
Our journey has come to its end
And here it seems Ill rest for good
But you'll still travel through the wood
Until you too are fooled