Hot tears of sorrow drip upon the grave,
Mourning the loss of earth's gentle angel,
Longing to feel the soft brown skin,
The warm fingers,
Longing to hear her laughter once again,
Her heart felt gaiety,
Wishing to embrace her one last time,
Feeling her holding tight as if they will disappear shall she let go.
Sitting with long legs dangling over a dead tree branch,
She watches as everyone she ever loved cries tears of regret,
And despair.
One by one they leave until no one is left,
Until nothing remains but flowers upon her grave.
Alone at last, the girl slips out of the tree and kneels upon her grave,
Her soft brown eyes reading the words upon the tombstone,
Born 1986,
Died 2004.
A beautiful life ended at only seventeen simply because she never learned,
Never learned she was loved,
Loved by family and friends and everyone who ever met her,
No second chances now, no going back so she can try again.
She said the pain would end once she was gone since she would, after all,
Be dead.
Now that she is, she is left to wander the world forever alone,
Forever unseen,
She can finally realize the pain her death caused to those who loved her,
But most of all she can realize the pain her death caused,