Daddy's Little Girl

Little Child
Pigtails and a smile
Playing in the yard
This baby girl
Has a bubble-shaped world
Nothing complex or hard
The sun outside's bright
And she can't hear the fight
That's happening inside
Words full of broken glass
Resentment just can't pass
No more bruises or lies
Three years down the road
Mother and child on their own
Daddy's gone far, far away
Little girl's grown up fast
Childhood can't last
When youth's ease didn't stay
Mom's never home
This child's all alone
Learning hard truths of life
Hardening her soul
Bitterly she grows
Each day's full of strife
Now almost an adult
But it's not her fault
She's acting wild and young
Under so much pressure
Couldn't live up to the measure
Her life has just begun
Sneaking out in the dark
Wandering the park
Trying not to be mad
If you heard her cries
You would realize
This little girl misses her dad