My friend, keep holding on to me
And never let go
You promised you'd never leave
Promises never show

You lied to me and didn't care
Pushed me in the dirt
Never noticed my soul there
Caused me to hurt

Used me like a cheap-ass whore
Tears keep falling
Yet I kept holding on for more
Constantly crawling

Changed you did, but hurt me again
I don't know how
Hanging onto everything you said
Still don't care now

Leave me without all of your faith
Make me feel alone
Bring with you every pain
I've ever known

Always leave me with my tears
Never with love
Bringing back all of my fears
Cause me to run

Comfort me and strengthen me
Feeling better
Killing me and breaking me
Always never

Hope you find what you seek with truth
You'll never see
I'm the fool for believing in you
I'll still never leave