Why are we even trying to live?
It's not like we're that important
It's not like success measures up when we're dead
You could just as well be homeless as wealthy
A good shot to the head will put us to bed
And then we will truly find peace...
All this talk of peace on earth is jumbled and false
World peace is achieved by destruction
So take off our heads, and inject in our veins
Liters and liters of poison.
Laws and reason have no affect
When we're dying and bordering crazy
We were put here to die and the world is afraid of the reaper.
Jails and camps will not do any good
Because morals are broken, corrupt.
We are all sick and twisted, deserving to die
And I hope bugs come pick off our bones.
Strip off the flesh and we're nothing but scum
We'll look how we really are.
Beauty and affection are such a joke
All that matters is how you look outside-
But behind that nice face, under layers of lace
Lies a beast only made for corruption
A bright smile, teeth white, and lovely blue eyes
Are hiding a venus fly trap-
The beautiful one waiting for a lingering fly
Just to snap up and break into pieces.
We'll all fall under spells and, blinded, decide
Whether to stay asleep or wake up to
The facade of the world, with a beautiful mask
Made of pearls and diamonds and emeralds.
If we each took a gem and closed it in our hand
And it cut us until we may bleed-
When our oceans are blood and the land flesh of man,
Then we will really have peace.