Forgotten Tears

Year's end
Brings the end
Of fleeting hopes
Of escape.
Forgotten tears, don't fall
Those tears
I know they're there
Yet they hide, and hide
My feelings with them.

Forgotten love
Forgotten hope.
I miss my years of innocence,
The years when I didn't know
What love was, what it wasn't.
Now I know what it isn't
All too well.
Didn't anyone ever tell
Those who have illusions as to
What love is
That love isn't ignorance
That love isn't ignoring
That love isn't sheltering
When the supports of the shelter
Have already been blown apart
By the one being sheltered?

Freedom, I can see it
Freedom, I know it
But I do not have it.
The ugly face of hatred
Is my Big Brother,
My 1984,
My chains.
Love isn't hatred;
False love only hurts.
Stop pretending,
And let me be me.
Let me wash these
Forgotten tears away.