Set me free,
Because that's how I belong.
Unlock these chains,
I know you hold the key.
Grant me wings,
I just want to fly.

Like glass,
I fracture easily,
But im not broken,
I'm just shattered,
Over your bedroom floor.

Let time heal the wounds,
But some cuts go to deep,
No matter how they heal,
The scar still remains,
Branded upon my skin.

I've forgotten why I am here,
Who I really am,
You've wiped away my identity,
I've forgotten who I am,
Hello, this is me.

The clock teases me,
The passage of time,
I grow old while it stays the same,
No marks upon its surface,
Why did you leave me here?

I face the shadows,
Of my age,
What has happened?
What is to be?
Why I am here.

Set me free,
Let me fly.
I shall not break,
I never do cry.
Let the cuts heal,
Although they leave marks,
The time passes by,
The light becomes dark.
The shadows close in,
I do not cry.
But why did you leave?
Why does love pass me by?

By Siobhan
Date: 28/May/2004