"Not Real"

People talk to me about love,

Say that like the wings of a dove,

It is most tender and soft,

And that it makes one feel quite aloft.

They say that happiness makes

Your skin tingle and your heart shake.

Say that some pain leaves your mind

Reeling unless it you can bind.

They say that physical pain,

Can bring you the best kind of gain.

To me, that the trouble is not,

It's my emotions that are rot.

Found that I am not a sieve  

For pain, anger, love, loss, and grief,

When they say these I should feel,

I doubt whether or not I'm real.

A/N: These are basically a series of poems that I wrote for English class. They're only a little better than my "Imagination Express" collection, but I gather this is mostly because the teacher set up a lot of guidelines (rhyme scheme, meter, amounts of lines, amount of lines per stanza, amount of stanzas, etc) and I don't write well when I can't use my imagination.