"The World"

"The world is no more than we can see.

It never changes and neither do we."

You'd like to believe it and so would I,

But it's not a good idea to believe a lie

Too many people and too much machines,

Taking up space, killing nature's dreams

CD players, video games, and TV

We're still living but we no longer see

Nobody takes the time to stop anymore and just look

And d'you remember the last time you read a really good book?

It's when people think that Fahrenheit 451 has the right idea

That we know this problem's for real.

The world's changing and it's changing too fast

If it doesn't stop, not even semi-happiness will last.

A/N: Yup, another English assignment. *sighs* Anyways, "Fahrenheit 451" belongs to Ray Bradbury and to whoever else may own the rights. Don't own it, don't sue.