Why am I here?
Why must I be in a place
Where I can't speak the language?
Everybody is staring into my face...

It's my first day here in this country
And the first day of school, too.
Nobody is trying to makes friends with me
When they have made friends in year two.

But as I stare down at my own shoes,
My ears perk up as footsteps approach me.
I look up and see a Chinese boy smiling.. at me!
'When's your birthday?' he asks as hold my knee.
But I find that sentence hard to comprehend:
He talks so fast!
I re-run the words in my mind,
and ask about the last [word].

'Y'know,' he says 'The day you were born!'
Then I realise what he is trying to ask now:
'Oh, the fifth of June' I reply to him,
Then I smile as big as my uneasiness would allow.

Then I notice that he is trying to break the ice
That is making me so quiet, unlike my usual self.
He is trying to make me feel more at home!
I suddenly feel much more like myself.

He introduces himself as 'Samson'
And I know we'll be good friends forever...
He makes me feel so assured, so safe
Me, let him go as a friend? I will never...

He is the reason I'll get through my first day
And the reason why I'll be happy here
I know I'll be fine now, even with another friend
Whenever I need someone, he'll be there