The end draws near now...
The thought of leaving you flooded my head:
After today, we will have to be separated,
Oh, how I'd rather you'd come with me instead...

In my last English class ever, I saw you briefly.
You had come to ask a girl from our class to come out.
But you rarely spoke to the girl before...
As the teacher said yes, I wondered what it was about.

After you thanked the teacher, I thought you look
In my direction, to give me a little glance
But you looked somewhat tired and a bit unhappy,
And your face was expressionless, as if in a trance.

I knew you'd be upset because I was leaving.
I know the thing between us was something true.
But could you really have been so sad as to not look at me?
Oh, if only I knew then what I now knew!

The sound for end of class signalled above us,
And I had to make my way to my last tutorial ever.
Can you imagine my surprise as i saw the room?
You had planned a leaving party for me, being so clever...

Our teacher said he was sorry to see me go
That he thought I was a bright young student.
And then, I saw you, with a tear in your eye.
You will never know what that had meant...

You approached me, thinking I didn't see your tear,
And you pulled off one of your lovely smiles.
I had to smile back to you, being so grateful
For everything: for me you went all the extra miles.

So, I will never forget all the good times we spent
Together, as best friends and as something more...
I knew then that I will never ever forget you.
And that our friendship will just soar and soar...