I try to pretend I'm not here
Yet you insist on pointing it out
I try to pretend I don't care
But you insist on leading me out

Your bullshit games have gone over
Yet you're willing to cock the gun
Put it to my head and never
Refuse to not scorn my name so much

You pull the trigger and shoot it in me
I can't contain myself for much longer
Why can't you fuck-off and just leave?
Your bullets contain so much horror

I'm so sick of your fuckin' words
Fuck you all and burn away my faith
I'm sick of being the one who hurts
There's only so much shit I can take

You make me cry and bleed at night
So take away everything I've ever learned
Push me closer to end my life
So stop complaining and making me burn

Kill my heart with untruthful lies
Hurt takes it toll on my immortal soul
Why continue to use the knife?
Stab my heart until it's out of control

So just fuck-off and back out of me
I don't need any more damnation
Fuck you all; now watch me bleed
This will be my salvation