Love is a friend

Have you ever had the chance to experience a deep bond with someone? By that I mean a really long lasting-the-tests-of-time type of friendly love. I love my Tweetie very much and I can't imagine what life would be without her, I love her as much as any person can love another person. And I'm not talking about anything sexual, sex has nothing to do with love in my opinion. In fact it can be degrading because you are going back to your basic animal nature--procreation.

I don't care what others say about sex or the joining of the opposite sexes to be a beautiful occasion and being the 'act of love'. Sex is not love, no matter how you put it, it is not love. It is artificial and is simply another part of the body's function and means to keep the species active. If sex were truly the deepest, most heartfelt, loving action anyone can give to someone, then they seriously are in need of a reality check. All living creatures have sex, and in this day and age where the majority tend to believe animals incapable of mental processes similiar to humans, how can sex be considered love?

Animals do that simply for their species's benefit and nothing more. If it were love then that would also mean that animals are capable of processing thoughts and ideas and being on par with Homo sapiens sapiens. But they are not, so does that mean that sex is not love? By my logic it is so, sex does not equal love. Far from it.

Love is an abstract notion, it is true that it is hard to descibe love but determining an action to it, a bodily function, is horrendous. Love is that special feeling you get just being with the person you love, they make you feel good about yourself, they make you feel cherished, they make you forget sadness, hardship, and pain. They help you ease out of any guilt that you might have, any remorse. Love is just that. The emotion that causes these 'actions' to come from another and be shared between others. Love is happiness yes, but love is also so much more than that. Love is a warm, fuzzy feeling. Love is that nice smile that appears on your face when you see your friend again for the first time in years. Love is that good friend, that 'friends-to-the-end' person that you have shared a part of your life with.

Love is that friend.