//A. – even I say I'm not a great writer, but my friends think so, so I don't mind. But I hope u

really like this story.//

~Prologue: The soon to be forgotten past~

In a world were magic and none magic people lived, raged a powerful war. The ningens and

Majtic's have been enemies since time began for humans, it all started when the ningens found a

young girl from a near by village; dead on Majtic lands. But the Majtics said they had done

nothing of the short, the reason for this was; even though they can control the worlds elements,

they would never hurt/kill a little human child. But the ningens would not hear of this and attack

with such force that they killed almost every Majtic family, soon only 12 people were left:

Natire and Chaia of the fire clan.

Aulra of the water clan.

Talo and soul of the light clan.

Shall and Kal of the Earth clan.

Ryu of the Dragon/sky clan.

Togor and Stayle of the wind clan.

And kage of the shadow clan.

Gall of the ice clan.

If these young people were to fall, there and the rest of the Majtics history would disappear from

the world. The ningens who wanted them all dead continued to attack and the day the picked was

the night of the New Moon when their powers were the weakest.

(Majtics lands-fire castle- the night of the New Moon)

"KILL THEM ALL!!!" Voice rang out through the night as the ningens attack the last remaining

element castle. "Oh god what are we going to do, the gate is going to last much longer?" Talo

asked from where he was looking out of the castle window down at their attack below, "there is

nothing we can do it's better just to welcome death with open arms" Shall stated; she had been

sitting in the same spot in the corner of the room for hours. "Well I don't juts want to sit here and

wait for death, and let my family castle fall without a fight!" Chaia stated jumping to her feet as

the others turned to look at her, "have you forgotten tonight is the New Moon and we don't have

our powers" Aulra narrowed her eyes at her friend she too didn't want to stay here and die but

what was there to do. "I don't care I just don't want the last of our peoples history not to mention

my father castle to go down without a good fight!" Chaia hissed walking over to the door her

hand on her fire Katana on her waist. She was about to open the door when a hand came out of

nowhere and grabbed her arm.

"Let go of me Natire!"

"No can do, now listen cousin, even with our powers we couldn't defeat them what makes you

think that going out there and fighting with your blade is going to do anything!" Natire steamed

turning her to face him and placing his hands on her shoulders to make sure she couldn't get

away. "He's right ya know, we couldn't beat them even if we tried Chaia now calm down it will

take them awhile just to get in" Gally said, when there was suddenly a huge explosion down

stairs, "spoke to soon" she muttered. "Oh no we're doomed and I'll never see Kage again, since

they are all the way in the north" Aulra whispered as another explosion rang out through the

palace. "Well we can't wait for them to arrive any more" Talo growled walking towards the door

and opening it and looking out to make sure the coast was clear; and seeing it was he stepped out

followed by the girls then Natire.

They were half way out the door when voices could be heard to they're right, "HURRY TO THE

EXIT PASSAGES!!" Natire shouted grabbing hold of Chaia's hand and dragging her in the

direction of a stone Dragon and took out one of the red ruby eyes. Causing the Dragon to move

aside and open the secret passage door, and once it was open Natire pushed Chaia into the

passage and she was soon joined by the other girls. "Head to the exit and get away from the

castle Natire and I will hold them off, NOW GO!!" Talo ordered closing the door before any of

them could make any protest.

"Hurry we don't have time" Gally said starting to run with the others behind her, and they ran for

what seemed like forever; passage after passage. "*cough* where in 7 hells *cough* did all this

*cough* smoke come from?" Shall asked as their vision and eyes were starting to get clouded by

thick smoke. "*cough* they set the castle on fire that's what" Aulra coughed covering her mouth,

"well it doesn't bother me!" Chaia bragged starting to run again, she didn't even notice that the

others weren't behind her.

(Chaia's Pov)

Turning around I found out the others didn't follow me, wondering what happened to them I

started back the way I came from, when screams came from that direction. With my heart racing

a mile a minute I started to run to where the screams came from and what I saw would haunt me

for there in front of me was the people I knew and grew up with my whole life lying on the

ground lifeless. Slowly walking over to Gally who was still alive but not by much and kneeled

next to her. "I'm so sorry I shouldn't have run off without you guy's, I'm so so sorry" I

whispered, shaking my head wishing this was just some nightmare that I could just wake up to.

"It's alright Chaia it's not your fault, we will meet again in the future we might not know it, but

we will someday...now please protect our power" Gally winced handing me the spirit crystals of

the others along with her, before smiling up at me and taking her last breath and drifting off into

the world of darkness. Tears came to my eyes as I bowed my head in prayer, I then heard the

sound of feet coming in my direction and slowly stood to my feet and started to run; clutching my

friend spirit crystals close to me. When I was sure I was far enough I stopped and dropped to my

knee's crying for the lose of my dear friends. I was crying so loudly I didn't even hear the person

come up behind me; not until they drove their sword through my back and pulling it out, and

walking away laughing as I fell to the ground with wide eyes.

(Author's Pov- somewhere in the North)

"Look Ryu there is smoke coming from the East" Stayle pointed out as they all turned there

head's to look, "IT'S COMING FROM FIRE CASTLE!!!" Ryu cried as they started to run.

They soon reached the cliff that over looked the Castle, but only to find it in ruins. "No we're to

late" Kal whispered shaking his head, "no they might still be alive" Ryu hoped jumping down the

cliff and running into the burning ruins. "Chaia where are you?" Ryu called out when he saw a

familiar figure to his right, "CHAIA!!" he hollered running over to his fall girlfriend the others

on his heel. "Chaia please be alive?" He begged gathering her up in his arms as she slowly

opened her eyes to look up at him. "Chaia where is Aulra and the others?" Kage asked as she

turned to look as all of them, sadness as clear as day in her eyes, "their gone" Chaia whispered

opening her hands to show they the spirit crystals. And upon seeing them they're eyes widen,

even kage's for even through he tried to hide it, he did love Aulra. "And I'm afraid it's my turn to

leave this world as well" Chaia added with a painful moan, "no don't say that Chaia you can't

leave us...not to mention you can't leave me, I love you to much to let you go" Ryu begged

hugging her close. "Don't worry my love *moan*...we will meet again....*moan* god is sure of

that" Chaia whispered placing a hand on his cheek before her eyes closed for the very last time

and she went limp in his arms.

"no...no...no....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ryu cried out

to the night letting the world no of his soulfulness.