i've got a fool's urge to make everything wrong
a strong 'i hate you' echos from a distance
why was it ever my fault?
who were you really all those times?

i didnt believe you when you made your list
but i gave you what you wanted
why didn't you accept it?
you didn't give me a chance

i found your love stopped when your heart did
or changed beats rather, but still
you're jumping when you said you wouldn't
and i believed you

im not angry, i promise, believe me
eventhough you've changed your mind
maybe i'll be here when you change it again
don't leave me

maybe if i run my fingers along your skin
in just the right way, you see...
look into your eyes and find the right wave
maybe forever won't end so soon

if i cut every stupid story short and just save time
for your words that i'll soon never hear
you'll be lost in the ocean

you see, i'll never feel like this ever again
this blackhole of lonliness will swallow me whole
and i don't want to go