-she breaks a nail-

"You are so pretty."
The bed is hard, the lights are blinding,
The crying, the yelling, the bleeding, the biting.

She said no,
and he said lets go.

"Oh, you want it bad, you know you want it."
Stroke your ego, and feed it shit.
She will not drink his spit,
or what him blow up like a swollen zit.

And she breaks a nail,
fighting, kicking, punching, SCREAMING!

She thought he was a friend.
Push him off, and find your face,
and the heart ripped from it's place.
"I thought I knew you."

Where is her shirt?
Where is her skirt?
Was she too much of a flirt?
Does it hurt? Does it hurt?


The men stand in a line.
"Is that him? Is he the one?"
Aim for his head, and grab the gun.
The bullets start shooting, "Yes, that's him."

Can he get to you through the bars?
Did she spend too much time in the back of cars?
Doesn't her son have a striking resemblance?
Doesn't his eyes have a relative semblance?

Shake her heart, and empty her head,
try to wake her half-past dead.