More than just friends

See every time you pull me I have to push twice as hard away
Because every time you push me I find I can't pull myself away
The more I want to love you the more you hate; we give in to fate
And the more I hate loving you the more I start loving hate
You can take what I gave you if you let me give you what it takes
Because the more we give and take the more I fear it's already too late
They say friends make the best lovers, you know we have each other
I think lovers make best friends; we have one why can't we have the other
If your actions scream no then why do I think you're faking it
You not the only one scarred by past relationships
It's easy to say don't takes this and be wasting it
But I share you fear which is I know it's so hard facing it
You love me, I look in your eyes there's no mistaking it
Here I am waiting on you, wishing for you and thinking senseless stuff
I'm the one who told you I still had a girlfriend; see my defenses are up
And you're the type of girl worth more than just fighting for
But I can't lose another friend to love I've make that mistake to many
times before