The Bearclaw Sword

By:Andrew Troy Keller

You know,if I'm not mistaken,some of the greatest battles in our own planetary history have been fought over many things--and believe it or not,a beautiful woman just happens to be one of those things.

Case in point:It was the Fifthteenth day of May in the year was 2991 and the entire Earth has no choice,but to enter a new dark age which was a result of a nuclear war,thus allowing the United States and British Isles to merge into one democracy under the rule of a single monarch named King Randolph.

However,there were some people within the King's domain who actually wanted to live their lives--and the King's young bride,a Jamie-Lynn Sigler type beauty named Catherine was one of those people,for she was actually in love with Clarence,the Royal couples' faithful manservent.

And after the King had found out about the Queen's affair,he had became so jealous,that he had pulled a bearclaw sword--which was a triple-bladed sword that was shaped like a bear's claw--and threatened to use it on both the Queen and her lover.

But just as he was about to strike the frightened Queen down with it,her brave lover has shoved him down,picked up the bearclaw sword and destroyed him with one swift and mighty thrust.

And so,with the King dead,everyone would be able to live their own lives without some ego-maniacal tyrant telling them what to do.