A Mysterious Call
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on the Sixteeth day of July and Paul
Morgan was on his way home,until a mysterious call
Had came over on his cell phone--and when he
Had answered that call,he'd noticed that it's one he
Might've answered anyway,for the caller knew all about Paul.

And so,after the call,Paul walked across the street
To the one place where the music has a beat
Which was that of pure Jazz,sat down and waited
For the caller to approch him,show her pretty head
And tell him why she called him to the beat.

Just then,a Phoebe Cates type beauty walked towards him
And told him that she's the one known as Kim
Stockwell--and she's been looking for a guy named Chuck
Stockwell,only she's been doing so with no such luck.

But that was until she discovered Paul and figured him
To be her long lost Chuck,who disappeared on Friday,
May the Twenty Eighth in such a truly mysterious way--
And hasn't been seen nor heard from anyone else since
The day that he went to a game with Vince--
And that was how it happened on that one day.

And then,after he realized that she's got him mistaken
For someone else,Paul asked her how long he's been
Missing and who was this guy who's known as Vince.

After she'd realized that he really doesn't know who Vince
Was,Kim stood up,apologized and said that she's mistaken.