I need to get out of this hell they call school
This place is only fit for a tool
Defiantly isn't the place for me
I need to get out.I need to be free
Only a few more weeks for this year
But there isn't a long time to cheer
I still have four years of this shit
I wonder if I can handle it
They expect you to learn, and I don't know why
The only way to get through it to cheat and lie
Teachers lie to get their way
No one cares what you have to say
They believe the older one even if they're wrong
Why does the day seem so damn long?
They make you say sorry, even if you're not
Tell you not to discriminate, when they do it a lot
I just wanna get out, I wanna go home
I don't pay attention, around the halls I roam
I just don't care anymore
This place makes my life such a bore
It shouldn't be mandatory to go to this place
You see the boredom in everyone's face
Please take me home, take me out
Staying here makes me want to shout
Get me out of hell
YAY! There's the bell