I get all dizzy when I stand
My mind wonders off to another land
It's getting hard to concentrate
I can't fall asleep and when I do, It's late
I wake up at least once in the middle of the night
Everything I try to do, becomes a fight
My friends say that I'm acting weird
My depressed mood is something they have feared
The other day I was fine
But then this hit, without a sign
I can't handle anything, I just cry
Lately I've wished that I could die
But if I died that would be giving up on life
I wouldn't give up, I'd think twice
I guess that was then and this is now
This changed so quickly, I don't know how
Things have changed and I've grown
There are things I should have never known
My family is complete shit
To helping me.they cant seem to commit
I guess thing have changed from "then"
Looking back, I can't decide when
All I know is it hasn't gone away
This mental pain is a huge price to pay
I don't know what I did to get into this obstacle course
I just want to ride away on a magical horse
To take away my troubles and take away my pain
I hope my thoughts and efforts aren't in vain
I want to go back to the place called "then"
Where I can live without a care, once again
This place called "then" shouldn't be only in the past
The happiness of this place should always last
But of course it doesn't, and depression takes over your mind
It controls your vision otherwise you're blind
Please let me go back to that happier place
I hate it here, there's no expression on my face
I really wanna go back
And get my life back on track