Here it is
The end, the end
El final de
What you started
Four years ago
By merely sitting next to me on the bus every day

No creo que
Tu recuerdes
Those inane little conversations
Maybe I'm wrong-

You remember more random facts about me
Than anyone else I know as well

But maybe I'm simply delusional
Seeing amor where there's nothing more
Than the acts of un hombre simpatico
Will I ever know now-
Now as we stand, face-to-face for the last time?

I've had this planned out for a year
Un beso debe decirte
All the incomprehensible things
I've tried to tell with my eyes alone
Por todos de esos anos

A plan laid out in mi cabeza
Down to the words I would finally say
And it all came to nada
Just as I knew it would
How could it be otherwise?

Yeah, so here we are
Ojo a ojo
And I'm strangely tranquila
As I watch you, judging the reaction
As I miro tus ojos hermosos

You stand at look at me
Delicate face unreadable as ever
And for once, there's no clever remark
Etched there
And though this could be my invitation
Para hacer que I planned
I waver, I falter
And I see your eyes flicker away

And the moment is lost
And tu, mi amor, mi vida
Vanish into the forest-green crowd
And I'm lost
At having so wasted this final moment
At having passed up
This one last chance