Storming through the dark corridors of the night,
She unleashed her fury and anger, all her might.
A little princess challenged her, daring her to fight.
She is the Moon Queen, her soul spreading great light.

The sunray, little princess that defied her force,
Has nothing but self-esteem, to her words endorse.
She chose the same star as the Great Lady,
Declaring herself a rival, of her attention worthy.

All, for the love of a star, the mighty Lion of the sky,
With which the Sun King often spreads his wings to fly.
The young maiden, upon seeing it, fell in love,
But never did the star take notice of her from so far above.

Then came along the mighty Queen, choosing out of all,
That one star to care for, nurture and in love with fall.
Poor Sun-maiden, broken-hearted, decided to take a chance,
And told the Queen she would not have Leo to throw him askance.

For the Glowing Lady's lovers were all thrown away,
Once she had them in her clutches, even though today,
She still claims she loved them all with her silver heart's fire.
So Sunray chose to conquer the object of the Queen's desire.

The Silver Empress would not be defied, by one so petty,
A low-life girl, who had been called charming and pretty,
Too many times for her own good, believing it too readily.
And the Great Queen prized the gorgeous Leo more than any.

The little princess of the sun, her infatuation so strong,
Did not realize she might, after so many years, be wrong.
Perhaps if the Lion didn't notice her, the Queen had the right,
To take him for herself, and keep him hidden in the night.

The Sun's glow was stronger, but a little ray could do nothing,
Against the might of the Moon Queen. Golden tears falling,
The princess called her friends to help, a million stars flew,
To help their crying maiden, that once as gold glew.

Canopus, Carina, Puppis, Vela, Ankaa, Antares,
All stars built a shield, to keep safe the young princess.
The Queen against so many, displayed her own power,
And to the rescue came all from Draco and Lyra to Cancer.

But the sun-maiden would not give up, and the Silver Lady,
Warned her, for in her heart still lay a little pity.
"Back down or I'll break you! You are too late,
He never noticed you before, so he is mine by fate!"

But the golden child would not wield to the sorceress,
And arrogantly replied, in the fashion of a princess.
"You too will fall one day and this might be the one.
Let me have the Leo, even without him you will not be alone."

Yet she had never been ready for the fatal blow that came,
Before she sealed her sweet lips or took the blame
For all the things she had done and left unforgiven.
She died with only one sin: of the Lion being smitten.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hmm.I wrote this ages ago and didn't know whether to post it or not.then I
figured what the heck, you don't have to read it, but if you do, I'd be
very pleased to know what you think of's long I know, sorry ;). Btw,
though Leo might remind some people who know me of that crush I used to
have, the Queen and the Princess aren't supposed to represent anyone I