This is just the beginning of something I came up with while I was on vacation. My wife and I spent a few days in a cabin in the Tennessee mountains. It's odd how many strange noises city people when they're the night. I hope you enjoy it! Please R/R

A New Believer

Tim never believed in the supernatural until his last vacation. He and his wife, Jennifer, had taken a well deserved vacation to The Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. He'd searched the internet and found a secluded cabin for rent just outside Pigeon Forge. He'd been squirreling away money for a vacation that they hadn't taken in almost five years; his stash had become quite substantial. It was still a surprise for Jennifer; he thought it would be perfect; they would have peace, quiet, a place to relax.
After an eight hour drive from the Washington D.C. suburbs, they found themselves in Pigeon Forge. Surprised by the size and popularity of the city, they drove their 9 year old Ford Escort to the cabin's rental office. Tim went inside the office to get the keys while Jennifer waited for him in the car.
"Ha sweetie, whut can ah do for ya?" An elderly woman with a gray Dolly Parton hairstyle, and happy green eyes smiled at him from behind the counter.
It took a few seconds for his brain to translate the strong Tennessee accent into what he considered normal English. "My name is Timothy Bolston, I rented a cabin."
"Awrighty," she said, punching some keys on a computer. "Here it is; Heavenly Romance, one of our nicest cabins." She had him sign some papers, ran his credit card, and handed him a copy of a hand-drawn map.
Tim spoke up before she went into any details. "I didn't really know this place was so big," he said. "I was hoping for some piece and quiet."
"Oh honey, you'll get it where you're goin'. That cabin y'all rennid is about five miles up the mount'n. Ain't nuttin' aroun' it, it's sittin' smack dab in the middle of a full acre."
Relief overwhelmed him. "That'll be great." He listened carefully as she gave directions and pointed everything out on the map. When she was done, she wished him a pleasant vacation.