A Pair Of Rogues

By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on the Twenty-Nineth day of August that I've discovered an aincent scroll inside some ruins which were right next to the wonderous marvel known as Stonehenge--and that it had contained a story about one of the most fierce women warriors in the entire realm of King Stanver,who has been honored to have her fight alongside his many soilders in skilled battle--and her name was Jedda,the one who's skills with a sword and dagger were indeed the true stuff of legends.

As a matter of fact,she has fought in so many battles that she wasn't able to find for herself a suitable husband.

But that was all going to change,for after she had rode into the small town of Deedum,she got off her horse,walked over towards the keeper of a local inn and told him that she does require some food and lodging for the night.

And after he'd thought about it,the innkeeper has looked at Jedda and told her that she was more than welcome to stay at his magnficent inn for as long as she wanted.

And so,she thought about it,the reluctant Jedda has taken the innkeeper up on his generous offer,not knowing that while she was walking into the inn and towards her room,the innkeeper called for a boy to come towards him,for he was about to give the boy a message to take to the King,which would inform him about Jedda's arrival to Deedum.

After the boy ran as fast as he could to deliver that message to King Stanver,Jedda looked through a window in her room and let out a smile,for she discovered an old lover named Valdecorr sneaking around outside the woods.

And so,after she looked around and noticed that no one else was around,Jedda had sneaked out of the inn,ran into the woods and discovered where Valdecorr was hiding himself.

After she had sneaked up on the unsuspecting Valdecorr,Jedda picked up a club-like tree branch and knocked him out-cold with it.

Now,no one had known for certain about how long Valdecorr has been unconscious,but as soon as he was finally able to open his eyes,he suddenly had a good guess as to who had knocked him out-cold.

And sure enough,as soon as a door has opened,a Rebecca DeMornay type beauty wearing the most beautiful gown in the entire realm has walked into the room,sat next to Valdecorr and said,"Greetings,lover.'Twas four years ago that we were able to have a moment of pure erotic pleasure between us."

And then,after he placed a gentle hand on her cheek,a smiling Valdecorr had looked at the beautiful Jedda and said,"Well,then.It's a good thing that there's love for a pair of rogues like us."

But while the reunited lovers had started kissing each other on the lips and touching each other's nude bodies,the little messager boy has returned to Deedum with King Stanver and his troopers riding right behind him.

"Where is she,Innkeeper?!",asked the King,after he had dismounted from his horse."I demand that you tell me!"

And with a sinister smile on his lips,the innkeeper had walked up to the King and whispered in his ear exactly where to find her.

"You've pleased me well,Innkeeper.",said the King,before unsheathed his sword."Now,it's time for you to recieve your reward."

And after he had struck the double-crossing innkeeper down with one swift stroke,the angry King roared,"NOW,NONE SHALL STAND IN MY WAY!SPURN MY AFFECTIONS,WILL SHE?!WELL,SHE SHALL SOON FEEL THE FULL WRATH OF MY REVENGE!"

And with that,the enraged King ordered his troopers to storm their way into the inn and search every room for his former ally--and surprisingly enough,one of the troopers had found Jedda making love with her fellow rogue,Valdecorr.


"NO SHE WON'T,FOUL KING!",yelled Valdecorr,after he has unsheathed his sharp dagger."NONE SHALL DARE BUTCHER MY BELOVED JEDDA!"

"SURELY YOU JEST,KNAVE!",yelled the King,after he had let out a hearty belly laugh."I HAVE A MORE FITTING PUNISHMENT IN MIND FOR HER!"

Then suddenly,the King's wizard had opened a portal in time and forced Jedda to get sucked right into it,thus causing Jedda to disappear forever.

Well actually,she had vanished from her time era,but only to end up in the present--and I know this,because I've came home from an archeological conference and found her on my back porch naked,scared,hungry and cold.

That's right,Folks.I've allowed her to stay with me--and since there is no scientific way for her to get back to her own time-era,she's beginning to like the Twenty-First Century a whole lot better.

Now,if I could possibly get her to stop calling me Valdecorr.