Pause in Immortality

A most glorious bright black night,

A most silent noise

Two clocks of wooden masterpieces

ticking away in peaceful company

Softly do I listen with a pounding heart

Eternal music one beats along

The other echoes in agreement.

A most quiet busy night

Mother and brother hastily snoring away

Catching up on sleep while I sit and listen

Deafening does the clock move

Time makes its loud voice heard

Seven minutes past midnight, you say.

I choose to ignore you.

You twitch in annoyance

and tip toe along more slowly

Sending your timeless tune reverberating

throughout the room, throughout my body.

Why must you bother me so?

Allow me to sit in a vacuum

frozen in my own reality

while you pass me by with

your incessant chattering.

I shall be content

and you shall be yourself.

Independent of one another,

you and I shall pause in