My love for you, I have tried to kill.
Yet my love for you burns ever so strong.
I try to be something I know I can never be:
A friend to you, because that will be so wrong.
I tried and I tried, but all I can think of you is
Being my girl eternally, and not just being his.

I know that it's a selfish thing to think.
But love is forever selfish, and it's true love I feel.
But my unrequited love has made so many wounds in me,
Wounds so deep, that I know that will never heal.
So I know I must try to move on in my life,
And leave behind all my troubles and Strife.

But you tell me our so-called friendship is ever so true
When in fact it's foundations are made in beds of lies.
I know I have been so kind and 'true' to you,
But inside, my wounded, beating heart slowly dies...
So now, won't you be kind and let me leave?
Because for my dead soul, for it I need to grieve.

I know if I leave now, it would break your heart,
But that's what you done to me when you rejected me.
The million shards of my heart can never now be mended,
Nor can I stay here with you and smile a smile happily.
Right now, a single warm tear runs down the right of my gentle, sad face.
Now I know that I can never be what you want, as I leave this place.