If you had looked deep into my eyes
You would see
That my love for you is more than just true
It's the single most powerful love in the world
My eyes will tell you no lies
Just like everyone else's eyes
Because they are a gateway to our souls

But if you looked deeper into my eyes
You would see something else
Something that would make you cry
Because my love is unrequited
And my eyes will tell you
That I'm dead inside
My soul is dead
My tears are being cried inside
And my eyes show it

My eyes will tell you
That the damage is beyond repair
They will show you
That my heart is shattered
Into a billion pieces
Because it loves you so
And you love me not
There's a crack in my soul
Running down the middle
And my eyes portray it so

But you will never know
Of my deep true love
For you
Nor will you know of the burning pain
That my soul endures each passing second
Because you haven't bothered to look
That deep into my eyes
You only ever glance into them
And see only the eyes of my mask
That I put on my face
To pretend that I'm fine

I guess it's time you looked in my eyes