Scene 1 Act 1:
What went wrong?
Where did it stop?
Thrown from the train
Rolled to the refrain
Hearing the same words
Over and over
Like the chorus of a song
Verse after verse
The chorus separation
Why oh why did you leave?
Come pick me up and take me away
Away from this pain
Take me away
Let me move on
Why is this happening again?
Am I just a stupid fuck again?
Your no help
I wish you were
Please oh please help me move on
This pain
This rage that you set out to put me in
Cannot stop it
It cannot be stopped
No one can
Just don't try
What did I do?
Where did we go?
I just woke up one day and it was over
Like the end of a song
The end of a movie
The sickening end to a horrific movie
Saddening and truthful
Cut and print.
That's it you guys
This story
Is over