Lost in a Dream

Chapter 1

"Don't you even think about it." Nathaniel Raisezor stopped in mid-reach for his friend's cinnamon roll. He scowled and reluctantly pulled his arm back.

Airyel Keagan sat up from the grass and dusted off her gray t-shirt.. She stretched, then yawned and blinked a couple times before shifting her gaze to Nathaniel, who was still, by the way, oogling her cinnamon roll.

"If you wanted one, you should've asked when Grae was here." Grae was one of the many butlers that worked at the Keagan Estate. He was Airyel's favorite butler for many reasons.

"It's not my fault! I was kinda busy at the moment. C'mon! Lemme have your cinnamon roll! I'll be your best friend!" The older boy begged using the uber cute puppy face.

Airyel sat cross legged with her head rested on her hand. She shifted her hazel eyes over to Nathaniel and yawned.

"First of all, it is so your fault. You know perfectly well every time you argue with Arnt you end up ignoring everything but the argument. Second of all, I refuse to give you my cinnamon roll. And finally, you're already my best friend. Besides, does that work on anyone?" Airyel took a breath and yawned again under the shade of the trees of the apple orchard.

The blossoms were in full bloom, and the trees were covered in the pink and white flowers that, in the fall, would make delicious apples. This is where Airyel and her friends liked to spend the lazy summer days.

"Well technically, it's Arnt's fault. He got me into the argument in the first place." Nathaniel said pointing out randomly into the huge orchard.

"How is it my fault? I can't help it if you tend to argue with me on everything!" The golden eagle glided down from one of the trees and landed next to his owner.

"It just is. Now I'm gonna starve because Airy eats slow as hell so I'll be plagued with the delicious cinnamon roll that's right there and so delicious..." He stared longingly at the roll and drooled.

"Or I could just pull your pretty little sky blue eyes out so you can't see it anymore," Arnt said with an evil look in his eyes.

"Or how about you don't and we say you didn't?"

"Fair enough."

Airyel blinked several times looking from Nathaniel to Arnt and rolled her eyes. She picked up the cinnamon roll and stared at it for a moment or two.

"..." Nathaniel stared at the roll in her hand and licked his lips.

"I don't wanna eat this anymore." She held the roll out to Nathaniel.

"You want it?" Nathaniel's eyes lit up and he dived towards the roll... only to have it disappear down Airyel's mouth.

He fake cried and fake tears came streaming down his face.

"How can you be so cruel????"

"It's a gift." Arnt and she said at the same time.


"Oh come on Josh! It seriously cannot take you this long to pick something out to wear to the orchard at Keagan's mansion! You're frickin' late already!!" His younger sister yelled from downstairs.

"I swear you're girly-er than I am!!!" The fourteen year old girl yelled again.

"Alright already sheesh!" Josh tumbled out of his room and hopped on one foot down the stairs while pulling on a tennis shoe. He had his house keys on his lanyard in his mouth and his shirt wasn't fully buttoned up all the way.

His sister rolled her eyes again and shook her head disapprovingly. "And you're supposed to be eighteen too..."

Josh made it to the bottom of the stairs and looked around wildly.

"Where are my keys???" He asked in a muffled voice.

Josh's little sister reached up and pulled them from his mouth and handed them to him.

"Right. Thanks Missy." He ruffled his little sister's hair and dashed out the door with his coat.

Missy ran to the door and shouted, "JOSH! DON'T FORGET! PICK UP MILK!!"


Missy sighed and walked back inside the house, shutting and locking the door behind her.

"He's gonna forget..."

"Aww...it's alright Missy. Dorjan will remind him." A little pink bunny with a blue ribbon tied around its neck jumped up onto the girl's shoulder and clung desperately to keep from falling off.

Missy sighed again.

"I don't know what we're gonna do around here if that's who we depend on to bring home the money. He has the worst memory ever. Can't even remember to do the simplist things."

"Speaking of simple things, did you remember to turn off the bath water?"

"....... Uh oh."


Airyel had given up on trying to sleep near Nathaniel, who got into another heated argument with his Spirit Animal, Arnt.

"I'm telling you! The freaking egg came first because without it, the freaking chicken wouldn't have existed!"

"But without the chicken who laid the egg?"

"It could've mutated from a dinosaur egg!"

"How do you know that..." And so on and so forth.

Airyel lay in the strongest branch of the oldest tree in the entire orchard. Her arms were under her head as she gazed up at the silhouetted branches where the leaves had blocked out most of the sunlight, only letting a few rays slip in between the far and few cracks.

*Far is the dreamer... Lost in the sea... Moving forever And forlorn just like me...*

Airyel abruptly jerked up from her position and looked around wildly. She kept hearing that song everytime she would try to sleep. She stood up and tried to figure out what it meant but her foot started to slip...

"Holy crap!" And she fell off and landed right in Josh's arms.

"Well, hello, hello Airy. I didn't expect to see you in my arms so soon." Josh smiled his perfect smile and Airyel swore she saw a gleam off those teeth of his.

"Oh shut up and put me down."

"As you wish your Highness." He dropped her straight onto the ground.

"Not what I meant." Josh laughed and helped her back up onto her feet.

Airyel scowled and brushed the dirt off of her black cargo jeans. She pulled her white cap down over her eyes to hide the blush creeping onto her face.

"Heh heh... Just like my sister." Josh grinned and slapped his hand on her back. Josh was eighteen and had a job as a construction worker. So knowing this, he had to be kinda strong.

"OwWwWw... You gotta watch that slapping of yours. Man that freaking HURT!" Airyel rubbed her back and glared at the green eyed boy.

"And so in conclusion, that means that the EGG CAME FIRST!" Nathaniel stood nodding triumphantly at his golden eagle.

Josh blinked a couple times and looked over to Airyel.

"Don't ask."

"I wasn't gonna."