Lost in a Dream

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Chapter 4

After they revived Nathaniel, ("You carry smelling salts with you?" "Yep. It's all in a man's tool belt Kinda like a woman's purse only...manly- er...") the three walked down the street headed towards the hospital.

Dorjan and Arnt went ahead to alert the hospital of their arrival. But they didn't really need to since there was a TV crew at the scene so the whole town-city-state probably already knew about it.

"You know... You should really be more careful." Nathaniel put his hands inside his pockets and leaned over Airyel's shoulder.

"Her? Be more careful? What about you? You could've pulled her off the beam before it crashed!" Josh punched Nathaniel in the back in a friendly manner.

"Well excuuuuse me if the idea didn't occur to me at the moment." He pulled his hands out of his pockets and laced his fingers behind his head.

"You're excused."

"What's that supposed to mean?!"

"Well you said to excuse you if- Where'd Airyel go?" The two boys looked around wildly for the uh... missing girl.

"Hellooo booooys!!" She yelled waving her left arm back and forth at the end of the street. More blood dripped down her arm and seeped into her shirt.

"GAHHH! Airyel! Don't wave the arm! If you lose too much blood then-"

She suddenly stopped waving and fell over onto the ground.

"You'll faint." Josh sighed as he finished his sentence and jogged up with Nathaniel.

"She looks so peaceful when she's asleep..." Nathaniel crouched down and wiped a strand of stray hair from her face.

"She's not asleep, she's fainted."

"Asleep, fainted, same difference." He picked her up and started to carry her down the street.

"Hey! How come you get to carry her? I wanna carry her!" He grabbed her arm and pulled.

"No, I am!" Nathaniel pulled back.

"No, I am!" Josh pulled back harder.

And this continued. But me being the lazy person that I am would prefer to not type that out several times.

"No, I-"

"How about neither of you do and I carry her?" Josh and Nathaniel froze and slowly looked over to the impending shadow looming over them.

Cerno stood there in his own glory giving them 'The Eye'. Cerno was a dragon, eighteen feet tall when he was standing on his rear legs, five feet tall from horns to ground when on all fours.

He was a sort of dull, weathered, kinda glossy black, dark red belly, and had a twenty-two foot leathery wing span from tip to tip. He had silver eyes, and a brown scar that was really noticeable going through his left eye. With claws as sharp as Dorjan's weapon form and a row of spikes starting from the middle of his back to the end of his tail, you wouldn't really wanna piss him off...

"Oh- uh, Cerno!" The two dropped Airyel to the ground (A/N: I should stop beating her up and take her to the hospital already @_@) and gave a nervous laugh.

"Glad to see you back from your training." Nathaniel said smiling and rubbing the back of his head.

"Yeah, have fun?" Josh did similar to Nathaniel.

"You two..." He sighed and shook his head. Cerno reached over and carefully picked up Airyel.

He started to flap his wings and took off sending shock waves through the air.

Josh and Nathaniel shielded their eyes from the wind and watched him fly off.

"Aww... Why'd he have to go and steal Airyel away from us? Josh?" Nathaniel looked around to see Josh running off into the direction of the hospital.

"Hey! Wait for me!" He shouted before running off after him.


Cerno, in his hot hunky human form, sat next to Airyel in her hospital bed. He reached over and stroked her hair while she slept peacefully.

Upon his arrival, the doctors pulled her into the emergency room where they confirmed that her left arm was broken, and fixed that in surgery. They gave her a blood transfusion and left her in one of the rooms to recover.

The dark haired boy was dressed in all black, silver eyes just like his true form, and rock hard abs could be seen through the tight fitting shirt. He had on black jeans that were frayed at the end, and black shiny army boots, just like a drill sergeant without the hat. His hair fell over his eyes and stopped right below his eyes.

He put his head on his laced fingers and watched her chest (Not that part you perverts) rise up and down with her breathing.

Suddenly, he got up and left the room.

On his way out, Josh and Nathaniel blew in past him, presumably to Airyel's room.

He shook his head and sighed. Airyel needed a couple of bumbling idiots (and I mean that in a nice way) to make her laugh and smiled like she used to...

Josh and Nathaniel collapsed into the chairs next to Airyel's bed and took deep breaths. They, for some odd reason or another, raced each other to the hospital.

"Man... Couldn't... couldn't Cerno have... given us a ride?" Nathaniel asked in between pants.

"Pshh, you know perfectly well, at least should know perfectly well, that Cerno won't let anyone ride him except Airyel. The dragon cares more for that girl than all of us combined!" Josh laid his head against the window.

"And besides, he'd probably try to eat us."

"Well, no actually," Airyel said opening her eyes and turning to face the two boys.

"Remember my rules for Cerno. Number one- he can't eat you unless I say so. Number 2-" She paused a moment to take a breath.

"Number 2- He can't eat you unless I'm pissed off at the both of you for some reason. And Number 3- He can't eat you unless he's super hungry." She smiled and blinked a couple times.

"Heeyy, Airy. You're awake and thriving I assume?" Josh asked standing next to her bed.

"Yeah... although I feel like I'm on fifty different drugs..."

"You need anything?" Nathaniel asked pulling his chair next to Airyel's bed.

"No. And if I do need anything, I'll just call one of the nurses standing outside drooling over Josh." She glanced at the window and saw about...seven or eight nurses and random girls with their faces pressed to the window drooling.

"Josh, dude, put your shirt on." Nathaniel walked over to the window and closed the shades. There were groans of disappointment as the nurses moved on.

"Can't help it if I'm a ladies man!" He flashed a killer smile at the two. Nathaniel shook his head and smiled. He was like this sometimes. But really, he was a nice guy.

Airyel's eyes traveled down to her left arm in the red cast.

"Hmm.... they remembered my favorite color..." She turned back over to Nathaniel and Josh, who apparently opened the shades and started to show off his muscles at the girls.

They squealed and clapped a lot. Making lots of noise. Something that Airyel prefered not to hear after she'd woken up from surgery from being buried under a ton of steel.

She sighed and closed her eyes. Her right hand reached up to grip the compass around her neck. Only to find that it wasn't there.

"Nathaniel. Close those shades." He nodded and did what he was told.

"Hey! I was so working those girls!"

"Shut up. Go find my compass."

"It's gone?" Nathaniel leaned over her bed and sure enough, the golden compass was gone.

"Compass? What compass?"

"She got it this morning after you left. Grae came running, then she went running, and her mom gave it to her. It used to belong to her dad."

"Ohhh. You seem calm about losing it."

"I'm not really. I would panicking my eyes out, but I don't have enough energy to. The drugs, you know."

"Oh." They stood there for another couple minutes.

"What the hell are you waiting for?"

"Right!" And once again, they left the hospital the same way they came in: Running.

As they ran by, Cerno came back into the hospital holding a bouquet of flowers. He watched the boys dash out of the hospital and down the street together.

"What odd, odd boys... Maybe they're seeing each other." He made his way through to Airyel's room, although he had to fight off some random girls who were there before he made it into the room and shut and locked the door.

"Fighting through the crowd of girls eh?" Airyel looked up and smiled from her bed.

"How did they get there?" He hid the flowers behind his back and pulled up a chair.

"You can thank Josh for that. He was in here showing off his muscles 'cuz he was shirtless." She sighed and closed her eyes again.

"It's amazing that you can deal with that noise..." He stole a quick glance at the window, in which the shade was finally, and going to stay, closed.

"Oh no, I can't. It's just the drugs won't let me do anything that requires moving." She laughed and looked up at Cerno. He gave a warm smile and sighed.

"What cha hidin'?"

"Oh nothing... Just some flowers for you." He held out the bouquet in front of him and smiled.

"Tiger lilies... my favorite..." She chuckled and smiled so happily it was almost like it was before her dad disappeared.

He put the flowers in a vase, and put the vase on the stand next to her bed.

"They smell wonderful..." Airyel closed her eyes and took in a deep breath.

"So where'd you send the two bumbling idiots (again I mean that in a nice way ^_^;)? Saw them running out of the hospital."

"Don't call my friends idiots..." Cerno was silent but acknowledged her wish.

"I sent them... to go find that compass..."

"The compass... that belonged to your father?"

"Yeah... that one." She sighed and put her hand on her stomach above the blanket.


"Very... I wanna...sleep."

"Then go ahead. I'll watch over you..."

"Thanks Cerno..." Her head went limp as she gave into the drugs, and fell asleep.

".... I leave you for a few days and this happens... I'm so sorry I wasn't there to help you..." He leaned over and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"Awwww!" The girls sighed.

"I wish I had a boyfriend like that!"

"Uhh honey, that's her guardian, Cerno. The big scary dragon thingy."

"Ohmigosh, really?"


"No fair, how come Airyel has all the hot guys?"

"Because. She doesn't crowd outside hospital rooms disturbing other people's rest," Cerno said from right behind them.

"AHHH! How did you get there?"

"The real question is why are you still here?"

"... We were just leaving."

"I thought as much."


After a few hours of searching, Josh finally stood up and held up a piece of metal.

"This it?" Nathaniel looked up and squinted in the light. It was about late afternoon and the sunlight hadn't faded just yet at the time.

"Nah." He went back to digging.

"Tell me what I'm looking for again," Josh said as he picked up a piece of debris and tossed it aside.

"You forgot already???"

"I try!" He smiled and laughed nervously.

Nathaniel shook his head and sighed. He picked up a piece of scrap metal and tossed it away.

"Gold, shiny, Solomon's seal shaped... star, silver needle, on a gold chain. Kinda like this." Nathaniel bent over and picked up the compass.

"Kinda...like... this? I FOUND IT! I FINALLY FREAKING FOUND IT!" He jumped and whooped keeping a very firm grip on the compass.

"Lemme see!" Josh held onto Nathaniel's shoulders and swiped the compass from his hand.

He examined the gold and held it up to the light to let it shine. He tossed it from hand to hand until an ominous looking shadow came over the two.

"Not again." They turned around slowly and instead of who they thought it was going to be, it was two people they didn't think it was going to be. I think.

There, in their human forms, were Arnt and Dorjan.

Arnt was a mildly tall yellow eyed boy with spiked blonde hair to match. His eyes were fierce almost made him look serious and half-asleep at the same time. He had on desert camouflage jeans, army boots and a navy t-shirt on.

Dorjan had longer brown with red highlighted hair all spiked to the lower left, covering his left eye. He wore jungle camouflage jeans, a pair of tennis shoes, and just an undershirt that was being used as just a shirt. He was about the same height as Arnt, and had golden-brownish eyes.

"Oh. It's just you two." They breathed a sigh of relief and stood facing the other two.

"Where have you two been? We've been searching forever!"

"We've only been gone a couple hours." Nathaniel said checking his watch.

"Airyel made it to the hospital okay?"

"Yep." Josh looked down into the direction of the hospital and sighed.

"Seems like only yesterday that she was showing me some flowers she planted in the garden, tiger lilies I believe...all happy and smiling and laughing..."

"Yeah... I miss the old Airyel. Even though she was like what? Three? When she started to act like she does now..."

The four of them stood silent for a moment and sighed in the heavy memory.

"It's amazing ya know? How she's always kinda like the fall guy.... Er, girl. One of us gets in trouble or attacked by something possessed, she's there. Takes the hits, beats the thing, and we are without a scratch. I really think we should try to do more for her... She does so much for us and yet... Well, we do a lot of stuff to, but only when she asks."

Josh, Arnt, and Dorjan thought for a moment about Nathaniel's words. They were true. Odd for something that came out of Nathaniel's mouth.

"Did you get the thing over to the Professor's?"


"We're going to go deliver the compass now."

"Alright. We'll be on the beach on the surf."

"Right. Tomorrow, we'll take Airyel to the beach and relax. She deserves it."

"I wonder if the docs made her cast waterproof yet..."


Enter the dragon.

Nathaniel: No, I would like to stay out of the dragon, thank you very much.

Josh: Not what she meant stupid...

Airyel: O.o Cerno loooooooves me! XD

Cerno:... how embarassing.

Not as embarassing as Josh and Nathaniel as a coup-

Nathaniel and Josh: SHUT UP!

Me: Shutting up...

A/N: I don't know how it happened but this story turned from Action/Adventure/Comedy, to Semi-Romance ._.; If you ask me, this chapter ended kinda funny... I dunno, maybe it's just me. Review please!